VALORANT bug prevents players from picking agents because of new pinned chat feature

Are you one of the Valorant players who are unable to pick certain agents like Breach over the new pinned chat feature?

If so, it turns out you’re not exactly alone as many other players are also lamenting the strange issue.

Shortly after the latest Patch 1.09 went live on Valorant, some players reported difficulty in picking Agents because of the new pinned chat feature. However, it was found out that the particular issue only affected those players using certain resolutions.

Patch 1.09 bug

Selecting an agent in VALORANT became a difficult task to do for some players after Patch 1.09.

The new update introduced a new feature that enables players to pin their chat window across menus.

But, some players playing on certain resolutions are raising their complaints that the chat doesn’t let them select agents furthest on the left.

What resolutions are affected?

Valorant players who make use of the new pinned chat feature and are on a 5:4 or 4:3 aspect ratios are seemingly unable to select Breach.

Some players also noted that they cannot pick Brimstone and Cypher, as well.

This strange bug comes after Breach’s buff update in Patch 1.07, which only made the initiator Agent a much more viable choice.

Hence, Breach mains who are unable to select him may put a player’s matches to a disadvantage.

Some players took it to the official Valorant subreddit to ask the community about possible solutions to the pressing issue:

“Cant pick an agent due to chat… How do i turn down the chat? I cant play the other agents because of this, also I cant change my resolution”

“Can’t pick breach, rip”

“Same. They screwed something up in the last patch. I need to go 16/9 and then change back aftet i select in order to select Breach or Brim”

“I’ve tried everything and I can’t pick brim or breach”

“I think changing resolution to 16:9 stops overlapping of agents and chat box. And yeah thy removed the arrow.”

Is there a workaround?

Although the affected players are having a hard time picking Breach, Brimstone and Cypher— it’s not completely impossible to do.

Some even discovered workarounds, such as changing their resolution settings back to “native” before queue, then changing it to their preferred ratio on the first round’s buy phase.

Others also tried pressing the enter key then the esc button, which is said to minimize the window. This serves as an immediate, band-aid solution to the said issue.

Another solution is to turn off the new pinned chat feature before jumping into a match.

If the problem continues to be an issue among many Valorant players, you can expect Riot to likely introduce a hotfix in the upcoming patches.

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