Riot reveals most picked VALORANT agents per region in Act 2

Who do you think are the most played Agents on Valorant?

Riot revealed Jett and Sage are continuously becoming player favorites and the pair are getting a lot of playing time by region.

However, the result does not come off as a surprise to the rest of Valorant’s community.

Most-picked agents

Of the Valorant players across the globe, Jett and Sage are found to be the most common Agent selection in each region for all of Act 2.

The findings have been announced in a 2020 Global Stat Sheet on the official Valorant Twitter account:

“The most-picked Agents per region comes down to a 1v1.”

Within the regions of the U.S., Korea, and Turkey, Jett is the most picked agent.

Meanwhile, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico seem to prefer a medic more, thus making Sage the most favorite pick.

Jett’s popularity

Jett remains to be a famous choice with her outplay potential and mobility. The Agent is also one of the go-to picks in the Valorant professional eSports scene.

Plus being the poster child of the game, Jett’s popularity and influence on Valorant remains to be uncontested as of Act 2.

Jett is often used as the sniper of the group, especially before the Operator weapon took a huge balancing nerf in Patch 1.09.

Her abilities make it easy to take a shot and immediately duck out of trouble, giving the enemies a hard time to target her in retaliation.

Riot has already issued some balancing tweaks on Jett as well, with nerfs to her ultimate in particular, focusing on the burst fire (RMB) on Blade Storm.

Continued Sage pick

Sage dominating the Most Picked Agents list for all of Valorant’s Act 2 is what appears to be a curious case to many.

After the Agent had some dramatic nerfs back in Patch 1.07, some Sage mains steered clear of the key support especially in competitive plays.

Her ally heal and self-heal abilities have been reduced extensively, along with the strength of her wall. This decreased her fame as one of the go-to Agents for any comp.

However, current statistics show that at least three regions (Russia, Brazil, and Mexico) prefer the Support agent over the rest in the game.

Some fans discussed Sage’s prevailing popularity in the comments:

“low ranks play sage and it’s like a proven factor because new people think that her heal is viable. it still is and she is too. she’s meant to be a delay character, hence the wall and slow and the passive was just a heal.”

“sage is like almost not even viable her wall breaks too easily so the delay is there but it’s really not impactful, her heal while not as good compared to the old one is still OK, her slows and rez are the only part that can be accepted”

“half the world still uses Sage predominantly. She was nerfed in NA pro meta. I see her in nearly every gold-plat game still.”

With the impending launch of Valorant Act 3 on October 13, fans and players alike can expect some changes to the Most-Picked List for the new Act especially with the ever-changing META.

A brand new map called Icebox will also be added to the Valorant map pool for Act 3.

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