Dr Disrespect Wins Streamer of the Year

The annual Esports Awards celebrates great milestones and achievements in the gaming industry for the past year.

For this year, the world’s biggest names in esports, streaming, and casting gathered at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas on November 16.

A few A-listers yet again managed to cement their place at the top of the industry, but this year also witnessed a number of new faces join the scene.

Perhaps the most coveted award, the Streamer of the Year category is stacked with recognizable names from Twitch, Mixer and YouTube Gaming.

The list includes two past winners in Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

And for the second time in two years, Dr Disrespect consecutively took home the award for Streamer of the Year.

Doc beat other crowd favorites who were nominated for the award:
Alanzoka (Twitch) 2.28 million followers, 11,500 Twitch subs.
CouRage (YouTube) 1.93 million YouTube subscribers, number of memberships unknown
Gotaga (Twitch) 1.90 million followers, 6,800 Twitch subs
NICKMERCS (Twitch) 3.11 million followers, 26,000 Twitch subs
Ninja (Mixer) 2.62 million followers, 2.6 million Mixer subs
Pokimane (Twitch) 3.52 million followers, 5,300 Twitch subs
Shroud (Mixer) 800k followers, 819,000 Mixer subs
Tfue (Twitch) 7.22 million followers, 15,900 Twitch subs
TimTheTatman (Twitch) 4.13 million followers, 20,000 Twitch subs

Along with him is his supportive wife, whom he enveloped in a warm embrace before he went to the stage to thank all those who supported him in his journey.

He concluded his speech by saying:

“I have the opportunity to play with some of the greatest video game players ever…”
“I’m in a lucky position, and it’s such a great opportunity to just entertain and have fun with it. So I appreciate you guys, thank you very much.”

2019 has arguably been the craziest year yet for streaming, from the growing Twitch vs Mixer battle to the rise of IRL content.

DrDisRespect surely earned the trophy, for all his efforts and hard work for the past year!

Watch Doc’s full speech here

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