xQc provides wisdom on the right and wrong ways to Simp

Twitch star xQc recently shared his wisdom on the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to Simp.

In case you missed it, “Simp” is an online term referring to men who are one step away from rolling out the virtual red carpet for every female they encounter.

But contrary to being just a “friendly, nice guy”, Simps are acting favorably because of hidden personal intentions in mind.

Acting favorably to get into good graces can include giving donations or gifts for attention, doing or saying things they do not necessarily agree with, or projecting their self-identity towards a female online personality.


There’s plenty of factors to consider before you start branding yourself or others as a Simp.

Regardless, it’s undeniable how the term is gaining traction and is often overused across online communities.

Because of this, Twitch star xQc recently gave his two cents on the concept of “simping”, like he usually does with current events.

And if you’re often on the internet, chances are you’ve come across this term in one way or another.

xQc’s take

xQc made use of Microsoft Paint to better explain and convey his thoughts to his audience, saying:

“There is a right way and bad way of using it.”

He drew a stick figure to represent his viewers, and a woman figure he called as “the juice.” Simply put, men often lean towards making maneuvers if its means acquiring said juice.

“Maneuvers might put you in a position of submission sometimes… Like, actual simping.”

The time and price

According to the former Overwatch pro gamer, it all bolds down to the time and price one is willing to spend for any chance at getting the juice (women).

“Let’s say you do something that costs, say, 10% of your income. Which is a lot. And gives you, 1% (chance) of getting the juice. That is absolute simp mode!”

“But what if something costs you like ten minutes of ‘simping’ for 75% of getting the juice? Hell f**king yeah, dude!”

For a “low investment and a high return rate,” xQc believes there’s nothing wrong with being a Simp if it can yield actual results.

Taking it too far

Here’s where the problem lies. Real-life simps often take the concept too far and they taint the reputation of all simps in the process.

Nowadays, if you’re branded as a simp online, chances are you’re being roasted or made fun of.

xQc explained further as he added another image to his art piece on MS Paint.

“The problem is, real-life simps are kinda like this, $10,000 for 0.001% chance of juice. That’s just f**king weird! That is so simp zone, you can’t even fathom the idea.”

According to the Twitch star, it’s problematic how his last two examples often get mixed up which leads to a “disconnect” in the language. As a result, it causes some people to start “malding.”

“Simp” aside, plenty of other terms continue to arise in online communities.

With the frequent usage of these new terms, it’s up to online personalities to assist their audience into complete understanding. Thank you, xQc!

At this point, there’s still no telling if Simp-ing is right or wrong. While it can support female streamers to thrive in the industry, it may also subject them into online harassment.

The debate continues, but as long as people respect each other’s boundaries, there might be no problem with being a Simp after all.

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