Shroud believes Mixer will be more successful than Twitch in the long-term run

Twitch or Mixer? The debate over the more successful live streaming platform between the two is never-ending.

While Twitch continues to dominate the streaming industry (and has also seen a recent significant increase in concurrent user count thanks to Valorant’s closed beta), Mixer is also on-the-rise as more streamers and viewers flock over to the rival platform.

Shroud Talks

Famous game streamer Shroud is one of those who believes Mixer will turn out more successful in the long run.

It seems like the gamer holds no regrets when he left Twitch for its rival, as he’s confident the platform will only improve in the next coming years.

It is undeniable how Twitch is enjoying success when it comes to viewership numbers at present. As an ex-Twitch star, he even admits that the platform is indeed currently more popular.

However, the former CSGO pro believes that Mixer will benefit more in the long-term run. Viewers only need to give it time and be patient.

When a few Twitch stars including the likes of Ninja, Shroud, and KingGothalion left their home platform for Mixer, many believed others would follow suit.

But as it turns out, Twitch was successful in retaining several exclusive streamers to the platform such as Pokimane and DrDisrespect.

Will happen eventually

Shroud discussed the present competition involving the two leading live streaming platforms, saying Mixer will eventually come out on top.

“Twitch has been around for longer, therefore there’s more people there… So a lot of people don’t think of the long-con. They don’t think of the long play. They just think of the short-term play.”

Twitch was first released in 2011, while Mixer only launched five years later in 2016.

The famous FPS gamer is confident that the rising Mixer stars at present will one day establish their solid audience and even match the older, more-established Twitch streamers.

He also says that Twitch became “oversaturated” at present and if new streamers want to break into the industry, they’re more likely to choose Mixer as a starting point.

“… of course Twitch right now is doing so good and continuing to do so good. Because they have something. People who have started on Twitch 6 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago… if they started that long ago, they probably have a good foundation.”

For now though, all the platform and its loyal fans have to do is wait.

“When you’re creating a streaming platform, you really just have to sit there, and f**king wait”

“Like, truly, that’s what you gotta do, and Microsoft’s perfect because Microsoft’s f**king huge. They have the resources to just sit there and wait… that’s how I know Mixer has a very, very good chance to succeed.”

Chances are, shroud’s prediction of the future will turn out correct.

Twitch has developed an infamous reputation because of its inconsistent banning system, where there is an alleged “favoritism” involving female streamers who blatantly violate the rules and guidelines.

The platform is also notorious for banning random users with barely an explanation.

With these increasing complaints and controversies, it’s only a matter of time before we see any changes on the more successful between the two rival platforms.

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