HAchubby goes viral again with exploding watermelon

In case you missed HAchubby’s online presence, the Korean Twitch streamer recently made headlines again for her exploding watermelon stunt.

Guess we saw that one coming from her famous, quirky personality!


Hachubby was joined by fellow streamer Yuggie_TV as they attempted the popular online exploding watermelon challenge.

But after a surprise twist, which abruptly ended the curious experiment, their attempt quickly went viral on the internet.

What’s it about?

The idea is simple: both streamers must add rubber bands around a watermelon until the overall pressure bends, making the fruit explode in pieces.

Many on the internet considers this as a fun activity. Of course, it’s not everyday you see something as hard as a watermelon distort to an unknown shape as you add more rubber bands around it.

It’s not always a successful attempt though. If a watermelon cannot take the pressure, the experiment ends with an explosion.

With protective gear

To ensure their safety, the pair sported helmets with protective visors to protect themselves from any unwanted projectiles.

They managed to put on a first few dozen bands during their hour-long attempt. But, it was shortly after then that their water experiment kind of went the wrong turn.

Since there were still no observable changes, the duo began to put on bands in small bundles instead. Yuggie was excited, and made gestures towards her melon as if persuading it to explode. She even said: “stop stalling.”

Yuggie declared herself early on as the winner of the challenge. They continued taking on more bands, using nearly 500 rubber bands, before they both grew increasingly impatient.

Yuggie, curious to “see how strong it [the watermelon] is,” brought a knife and gave the fruit a small chop.

As the blade etched near the top of the melon, the force of the hundred bands collapsed at the same time.

It sent bits and pieces of the red melon flesh flying around.

After being let down from putting hundreds of bands on the fruit with no result, the pair were instantly beaming with excitement as they witnessed the explosion!

The experiment may seem fun and easy-to-do, but the clean-up process was a huge mess to deal with.

If you’re interested to recreate HAchubby’s viral experiment, make sure you wear appropriate precautions and prepare yourself for the clean up afterwards.

Back in February, HAchubby announced she’s taking a break from streaming to focus on studying English. The streamer wanted to become fluent in the language to better connect and communicate with her English-speaking audience.

Considered as one of Twitch’s biggest breakout stars in 2019,  she has over 211k followers on the platform  where she’s famous for different content (events, cooking, IRL streaming, talk with other streamers, music and dancing)

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