Here’s What Separates a “Real” Gamer from a “Fake” One, According to Pewdiepie

So how do you separate a “real” gamer from a fake?

It might be difficult to do, considering how easy it is to fake a gamer personality — but Youtube icon Pewdiepie has shared his thoughts that might help you distinguish who’s who.

On his March 8 upload,  Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg explains how to tell if someone is a legit gamer while sharing his two cents on gaming.

Undoubtedly, Kjellberg remains to be the most influential Youtuber in the world. He has garnered over 103 million subscribers on his channel, cementing him as one of the most popular names on the platform.

He has carved a name for himself, starting from gaming videos in 2011 to hilarious commentaries, meme reviews, and vlogs.

And in 2019, he paid homage to his gaming roots and found success in his viral Minecraft series.

With his gaming track record, Pewds is more than qualified to assess whether someone is a real gamer or not at first glance — which is what he exactly did.

In the video titled “Can You Spot the FAKE Gamer?”, the Youtuber watched a game show where six contestants had to figure out the mole in the group.

Starting the video, he jokes how watching a sibling play or playing on mobile cannot be considered as “gaming”.

He also recalls his early days in Sweden, where he had to hide the fact that he played video games out of peer pressure.

“I remember when I was young, I couldn’t tell people I was a gamer. I would be judged. Called pathetic. “You played games you nerd!” Now people are faking being gamers.”

It seems like Pewds has some easy tips to distinguish a real gamer from a fake. The first one being someone’s rating of their favorite Dark Souls games.

“You know what’s a great way to figure out if someone is a fake gamer? Ask them: “Rate your favorite Dark Souls games.” Or just Souls game in general. See what order they do. And if they pick Dark Souls 2 at the top, you just throw them out of there!”

One contestant professed their love of Kingdom Hearts in an attempt to prove they are not the fake gamer in the group. In which Pewdiepie commented:

“I believe this guy, because anyone who has Kingdom Hearts as their favorite game cannot shut the f*ck up about it.  So I believe him, he’s 100% clear!”

He also shares the same sentiments when it comes to Nintendo’s Paper Mario franchise.

“Paper Mario, that’s another Kingdom Hearts type of game that people grew up on. So I believe that would be someone’s favorite game.”

Pewds’ next tip on how to spot a legit gamer is the unfunny shirts, which seems to be a gamer’s favorite signature outfit.

“The one thing gamers love, it’s unfunny shirts. They just can’t get enough. I know a couple of people are watching this right now, and they’re looking down going “Ah f*ck, goddammit he’s right!” 

Despite his Youtube hiatus in January, Pewdiepie’s viewer rate has soared since his return to the platform last month.Watch the full video, and see if you can tell who’s the fake gamer in the group!

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