EA Puts Up to 75% Sale off Titular Games Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Bored at home? If you’re running out of quarantine activities, perhaps it’s time to download a new video game!

A lot of streamers and gamers are urging the public to stay at home and play video games. Truth be told, social distancing is made easier if you have a fun-filled activity to keep yourself occupied.

The online world has seen a major spike as the rest of the world goes into lockdown. Steam, for one, broke its concurrent online user record at 22 million players.

If you’re running short of cash but would still love to buy a new game or two, great news: EA is having a major spring sale of their titular games.

Some of the games are priced under $10: Star Wars Jedi Knight- Dark Forces, Star Wars: Starfighter, Star Wars: Rebellion, HIVESWAP, Home Behind, Plants vs Zombies, SimCity 2000, and Pony Island.

While others are within the price range of $10-$20: Dead Space, Lego Star Wars, Detention, Pyre, Opus Magnum, Apotheon, and Nex Machina.

These discounted titles are perfect for the generous free time you have while cooped up at home.

EA developers announced the discounted price for its famous life-simulation video game The Sims 4 a little earlier on Twitter.

“We started the spring sale a little earlier this year. Save up to 75% on TS4 base game & selected packs.”

If you’re an avid Sims 4 player, some expansion packs and DLCs are also on sale. While the base game is currently 75% off on the store, the expansion packs are cheaper by 20%-50% off.

While the rest of the world cannot go out and return to their normal, everyday lives — it’s the perfect time to live in your ideal little simulated world.

Sims 4 players expressed their joy over the early spring season sale, citing this could greatly help them pass their time as they stay cooped up at home:

“Social distance by playing the sims! It’s what I’ve trained for all my life for hours on end”

“Sims 4 and social isolation”

“best time ever to play sims”

“The sims being smart when they know all anyone will be doing is playing video games while on lockdown”

As the company temporarily shifts to a work from home model, EA assured their community that the team is doing whatever they can to manage and maintain their titular games while staying safe in the midst of a global pandemic.

“We’re also very focused on minimizing any potential for disruption to our players. We are confident in our continuity plans. We don’t anticipate major changes in our games or services as a result of our teams working from home, but we’re learning through this process as well and patience will be key.  We’re constantly talking and working with our teams across the world to evolve with the situation.”

EA’s dedication to its community is truly something worth applauding for! Be sure to check out the entire sale library while it lasts.

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