Markiplier Calls Out Book Written About Him Without His Consent

Famous Youtuber Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach recently called out a biographical book written about him.

While this may seem flattering or seen as an honor to many, the thing is: the said book was published without his knowledge or consent.

Markiplier is among the biggest Youtubers, with his name next in line to icons like Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie.

He’s made a name for himself thanks to a wide variety of content, raking in 25 million subscribers.

Over the past few years, Mark has also grown from a rising Youtube game content creator to an entrepreneur.

His success is regularly discussed on mainstream media, with his story inspiring other Youtubers who aspire to walk the same path. The social media personality has also made various online appearances.

But some coverage are uncalled for, like the recent book titled: Top Video Gamers in the World – Mark Markiplier Fischbach. It was seemingly published despite not having any permission from him.

Ethan, his former editor, apparently gave the book to him as a gift. Surprised is an understatement to describe how he felt after reading a biography of his entire life and Youtube career in book form.

In his recent March 7 Youtube upload titled “Someone Wrote a Book About me… Without My Permission?!”, the Youtuber didn’t hold back from criticizing Philip Wolny — the book’s author.

He further said he’s not entirely sure about what he intends to do with the book, but suggested the likely possibility of bringing the matter up to his lawyers.

To Markiplier, he wants to question the “legality” of publishing a book about an individual without their consent or knowledge.

The Youtube star also criticized the misinformation in the said book, as he hilariously hunted for inaccuracies.

Apparently, the book presents out of date statistics specifically on his total views and subscribers. Once it’s printed on paper, it cannot be updated accordingly — which makes the figures rather obsolete.

The book’s very own tagline even claims Fischbach is one Youtube icon with “10 billion+ views”. But now, the figure is over 12 billion.

The book also states Markiplier has about roughly 20 million subscribers, when he has gathered an audience of over 25 million as of writing.

“I think what happened is they just watched my ‘Draw My Life’… Because they’re literally only referencing my ‘Draw My Life’, which at this point is outdated information. I made that video in like 2013.”

He also voiced out his indifference to some personal sections of the book, particularly on parts where his father’s death was discussed.

Fans may have to wait a while before they hear any official update or confirmation from the icon, regarding his planned course of action.

Turns out, for big shots like Markiplier, not all kind of publicity is good and welcomed.

Watch his entire reaction video here!

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