Riot plans to introduce Valorant Agent skins soon, faces one major concern

Good news, skinners!

Riot officially confirmed their plans to add Valorant Agent skins at some point, but only under one condition— after they overcome a key hurdle.

Most requested feature

Many players have been requesting for agent skins on Valorant, making it one of the most community-requested features for the famed Riot tactical 5v5 FPS title.

The Riot dev team finally spoke regarding the matter, detailing their plans about Valorant’s cosmetics (potential future collaborations and skin lore).

Fortunately, giving the agents a fresh new look is something that Riot definitely wants to explore in the future.

Valorant Senior Producer, Dexter Yu, opened up about the future of Agent skins on Valorant.

While it has been confirmed that they have plans to implement agent cosmetics, they hope it will not pose a negative impact on the game’s competitive integrity.

After all, competitive integrity is considered as one of Riot’s main priorities for Valorant.

It’s why Riot introduced Vanguard, Riot’s new anti-cheat software designed to help protect Valorant players from wall hackers and aimbotters.

In case you missed it, Riot Games even offered a $100,000 bounty during the title’s beta stage if you find bugs, exploits, or any flaws in its anti-cheat system. Riot clearly wants to reinforce their commitment to its player base security.

A player, who was recently caught cheating in a $2,000 Valorant tournament (TGS Signature Series), has also been officially banned from the game. The player in question, who goes by the alias “Ryut,” hasn’t personally commented on the accusations yet. But they have deleted their Discord and Twitter accounts after the whole controversy.

Any player caught using exploits in official Valorant tournaments will be handed a permanent ban.

Agent skins coming soon?

Yu says in a statement:

“We know Agent skins are something players have asked for and we want to make them, but we are doing our due diligence in figuring out the best way to execute them,”

“On one hand, you have people who really want them in our game. On the other hand, you also have a lot of players who are really anxious about Agent skins impacting gameplay and competitive integrity, which is a very valid concern that we share.”

In many other titles, there are numerous instances where character re-skins possess an adverse effect on player hitboxes.

Players become harder to hit if the cosmetic skin is far too thin compared to its base form, or easier to hit if they are rather bulky. The devs want to avoid such a situation on Valorant.

Perfect balance

Fans awaiting a skin for their favorite Agents may have to wait for a while as Riot looks to strike a balance between in-game aesthetic and balanced impact on gameplay.

It’s unlikely to see any Agent skin introduced in Future Earth anytime soon, though. Riot seems to be still in the planning stage of the whole process.

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