Recap 12 August 2020

August has been a month of new beginnings for many online personalities, from DrDisrespect announcing his YouTube move after high-profile Twitch ban to Shroud making a comeback to Twitch, after Mixer’s sudden shutdown in July. Not to mention, Ninja also made a surprise appearance on Twitch— but confirmed nothing regarding his future streaming plans yet.

It all comes full circle at this point. Here’s a quick recap to stay updated on what’s brewing for the past month:

Shroud’s back on Twitch, boys! And to no one’s surprise, his first stream back garnered nearly half a million audience before the stream even officially started.

His return to streaming also marked the reveal of his new branding and logo.

This decision comes after Mixer fully integrated with Facebook Gaming instead. While many fans speculated about the possibility of Shroud moving to YouTube or Facebook, turns out— he’s going home.

He was reportedly offered about $20 million to stay on at FB Gaming, but he allegedly declined the offer and instead allowed his contract to be bought out.

Shroud’s impact on Twitch remains uncontested. In fact, he managed to attract nearly 500,000 active viewers in his comeback stream before it even officially started.

More viewers continued to pour in, enough for Shroud to surpass half a million active viewers just a few minutes past the hour.

Seems like the record for the longest uninterrupted live stream has been broken… yet again!

Twitch streamer Richard “richoff” Macdonald’s latest attempt may have just beaten the World Record for the longest livestream at 215 Hours, 3 Minutes and 29 Seconds.

The title of having the longest continuous Twitch broadcast was recently achieved by streamers CallMeCypher (200 hours, 18 minutes) and then Welsh content creator Reecesyy (200 hours, 30 mins) earlier this year.

However, it was only a matter of time before more content creators went after the record themselves.

In a statement, Macdonald was originally going for 240 hours but he later faced unresolved technical difficulties with live streaming software (OBS).

“So we’ve gotten to 214hrs and my OBS has done this, I can’t seem to fix it in anyway, my @Twitch screen has frozen but the stream is still live. I wanted to hit the 240hrs but we might need to call it there.”

That didn’t stop him from achieving his original goal though— to snag the title from his fellow streamers, who are already established at that. Congratulations, richoff!

The search is ON for the next big League of Legends star, as Riot Korea is launching a reality TV show centered on finding the next big LoL superstar.

Called “LoL THE NEXT,” the reality TV-style show will be similar in concept to your Western audition shows like American Idol. The show is designed to pit some of the best rising League of Legends players in the region versus each other.

What’s the prize? A chance to win a potentially career-launching prize as explained by Riot Korea in the program’s official website.

It will be based on many K-pop reality shows that initially showcase a group of upcoming talents, but will later undergo an audition process and a competitive environment.

But instead of your singing prowess or your dance moves, you have to showcase your League of Legends skills to prove what you’ve got.

Lol THE NEXT also has an all-star roster of judges:

  • Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan – three-time World Champion and formerly of SKT T1
  • Heo “PawN” Won-seok – the World’s 2014 winner with Samsung Blue
  • Kim “PraY” Jong-in –  World’s semi finalist with KOO Tigers and three-time LCK winner
  • Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan – World’s winner with SKT T1 and two-time LCK winner

DrDisrespect bids goodbye to Twitch and Hello YouTube! The two-time broke his sudden streaming hiatus on August 6 with a YouTube livestream, before making the official announcement of his platform move.

This decision follows his high-profile, shocking permanent ban on Twitch back in June, for reasons still unknown to most.

It seems like his permanent ban still remains a mystery to many. There’s no official explanation yet from both parties as to why they ended up parting ways. He recently spoke about the issue in an interview:

“While it’s unfortunate that I’m off Twitch, we’re definitely working behind the scenes on what a Dr return might look like.. We’re exploring our options and, honestly, just can’t wait to get back into character soon. We have a lot to do, and I’ll be wherever fans want me to be.”

His audience were also treated to a new song sung by the Two-Time titled Red Skies. A music video for the song was also uploaded that features him overlooking a city skyline.

Back in July, Beahm said in an interview that he has considered doing live broadcasts on his own website. He didn’t seem to push through with the plan, considering he has chosen YouTube as his new home for now.

Welcome to YouTube, DrDisrespect! We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for the Two-Time on his new platform of choice.

Sad news, Halo fans! The highly-anticipated Halo: Infinite has been delayed into 2021. However, the Xbox Series X will still launch as planned in November.

Microsoft confirmed that it is putting a pause on Halo: Infinite’s scheduled launch this year. The next Halo game will be pushed back to 2021 for the developer, 343 Industries, to have more time to refine the final title.

This news is a huge blow to the Xbox Series X, which will proceed in November as Halo: Infinite was supposed to be the platform’s biggest release at launch.

Players planning to pick up the Series X this holiday will have to wait before they can play the highly-anticipated title.

New game releases are often timed to drive sales of new consoles ahead of the holidays, with Halo: Infinite initially expected to be a major boost for the Xbox Series X.

Multiple factors such as ongoing impacts from COVID-19 led to the decision.

There are also rumors claiming that development of the campaign was coming in hot and likely would raise various in-game issues at launch.

A delay could do the next installment of the celebrated video game franchise some good, especially if Microsoft wants the game to last in the competitive gaming market for years.

YouTube permanently banned controversial creator LeafyIsHere, after his notorious series of Pokimane videos. The move comes after as the platform wants to crack down further on potential creator-on-creator harassment

Calvin Lee Vail, better known as LeafyIsHere, has been banned permanently on YouTube for repeatedly violating the company’s harassment policies. He has a blatant history of making videos that include offensive comments about other creators on the platform.

However, it was only until his channel gathered at least three violations of YouTube’s harassment policy over the last 90 days that he was handed the termination.

Other controversial videos in question included cyberbullying (malicious insults and name-calling based on someone’s appearance, gender, or orientation) and even encouraging his audience to disrupt other creators’ streams.

It’s important to note how Leafy’s YouTube channel ban  comes not long after his infamous series of videos calling out popular Twitch streamer Pokimane.

While it’s not clear if those videos are exactly a part of the reason for his ban, many fans speculate it seems like it.

Leafy made a name for himself for making controversial “drama” videos, with his notorious commentaries often playing over gameplay footage of various FPS titles.

Until YouTube provides a detailed and more specific information on Leafy’s permanent ban and what exactly went into the decision, all fans can do at the moment is speculate.

In a rather surprising statement, YouTube sensation Jake Paul says he’s done with the platform… for good?

He says the platform does not pay its creators enough, and even went on to confirm that he’ll be stopping his viral vlogs on the site in a recent interview.

Paul has been branching out of his content creation endeavors as of late, venturing to boxing and a possible music career. He says these activities outside of making videos have felt more worthwhile to do.

During a recent hang-out where he grabbed drinks with his ex-wife Tana Mongeau and some other friends, Jake did sound like he’s reconsidering his relationship with the platform where he’s primarily known for his controversial vlogs and videos

He also spoke about his rising music career, calling YouTube a “dead-end” for his musical endeavors.

Assuring his fans, he said he will still be financially well-off despite not focusing entirely on making videos.

“Yeah, I don’t f**k with that YouTube s**t, it’s a dead-end.. They don’t pay s**t, f**k you YouTube. Nah, I make my money in other ways, I’m the owner of Fanjoy.”

However, fans speculate that his bold statements on quitting YouTube were only influenced by liquor

During the interview, he also remained tight-lipped about the recent, infamous FBI search warrant of his home on August 5

Paul revealed that the controversial raid was “entirely” related to his appearance at a looting in Scottsdale, Arizona back in May.

Heads up, Cloud9 fans! The famous eSports organization announced their official Valorant roster with the addition of Daniel ‘vice’ Kim as the fifth member.

This confirms vice’s official addition to the team after impressive trial stages.

Vice’s presence in the eSports scene isn’t anything new to loyal C9 fans. In fact, the player was a part of C9’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team for a short while before he made the transition to Valorant— Riot Games’ rising new eSport.

Kim says in a statement:

“Switching to Valorant mainly because after four years of competing in professional CSGO, I grew a little stale with CSGO and I wanted to start a new chapter.”

The newest member of the squad will be on Cypher, a Valorant agent that has a talent for information gathering and sniffing out the other team’s plan before any attempt at a proper execution.

Vice is looking to play a “supportive” role in the team, helping high-fragging players like Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo and Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver.

Cloud9’s official Valorant roster composes of:

  • Tyson “TenZ” Ngo
  • Skyler “Relyks” Weaver
  • Mitch “mitch” Semago
  • Josh “shinobi” Abastado
  • Daniel “vice” Kim

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