DrDisrespect announces YouTube move in first stream since Twitch ban

DrDisrespect bids goodbye Twitch and Hello YouTube!

The two-time broke his sudden streaming hiatus on August 6 with a YouTube livestream, before making the official announcement of his YouTube move.

This decision follows his high-profile shocking permanent ban on Twitch back in June, for reasons still unknown to most.

Unexplained perma-ban

Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm’s sudden ban on Twitch broke the internet given he’s one of the biggest and most recognized stars on the platform.

Now after some time, it seems like his permanent ban still remains a mystery to many. There’s no official explanation yet from both parties as to why they ended up parting ways.

He recently spoke about the issue in an interview:

“…While it’s unfortunate that I’m off Twitch, we’re definitely working behind the scenes on what a Dr return might look like.. We’re exploring our options and, honestly, just can’t wait to get back into character soon. We have a lot to do, and I’ll be wherever fans want me to be.”

Doc 3.0 Comeback

Fans patiently waiting for the Doc’s return were in for a treat when the streamer made his comeback with an unexpected livestream.

On August 6, he first made a hint at his return with an Instagram Live teaser. The Doc went live on YouTube later on the same day with radio announcements under his “Jonny Bandini” moniker.

He further took it to Twitter to announce that he was moving over to the Google-owned platform to resume his streaming activities.

“Tomorrow, we arrive.”

He then attached a link to the official Dr Disrespect YouTube channel.

Aside from that, the Doc also confirmed in his official Discord server that he’s going to be live on August 7 at 12PM PST for his first proper YouTube stream.

His channel’s premium membership button is at $4.99 a month, which comes with custom emotes featuring his famous catchphrase “Yayaya” and one of Doc himself as well.

If one thing’s certain amid all the speculation, it’s that the Doc wants to move forward:

“As we build this game plan to make this Doc comeback, that’s still kind of in the works in terms of what the vision looks like. I’m working with my creative team, the graphics, going and taking like the whole Doc 3.0 experience to the next level, and so that’s where my focus is now.”

New song

His audience were also treated to a new song sung by the Two-Time titled Red Skies. A music video for the song was also uploaded that features him overlooking a city skyline.

Back in July, Beahm said in an interview that he has considered doing live broadcasts on his own website.  He didn’t seem to push through with the plan, considering he has chosen YouTube as his new home for now.

Fans may have to wait and see what’s next in store for DrDisrespect’s streaming career!

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