T1 signs multi-year exclusive streaming deal on Twitch

Seems like LoL superstar Faker and the crew will stay on Twitch for good, as T1 recently signed a multi-year exclusive streaming deal with the platform.

Exclusive deal

T1 is among the top esports organizations in the world, with notable star players in the League of Legends scene. The organization is home of the only three-time League world champions.

The South Korean Esports organization — a joint venture between SK Telecom and Comcast Spectacor, recently signed a multi-year streaming deal with Twitch. Hence, fans will only need to tune in to the platform to watch the team’s gameplays.

The deal confirms an extension of its on-going partnership, which currently sees an exclusive streaming deal for T1’s League of Legends team and other T1 players and content creators.

A tweet from T1’s official Twitter account confirmed the announcement:

“[T1 X @Twitch Streaming Deal]

We are excited to announce our exclusive, multi-year streaming deal with Twitch. We’ve extended our previous deal to include not only

@T1LoL team, but other T1 players and content creators to host their gameplay and various content.

#T1WIN #Twitch”

T1’s CEO Joe Marsh also says in a statement:

“T1 is excited to expand its partnership with Twitch beyond the League of Legends team and Korean markets,”

“As T1 continues to grow its global presence, we know that Twitch is the best streaming platform for our players and content creators to connect with fans around the world.”

From Azubu to Twitch

T1’s star player, Faker, began to stream on Twitch back in February 2017. Before, he has spent years being watched by a few on Azubu.

When the team’s contracts with Azubu expired, the rest of T1’s roster began to stream on the platform.

Most Western League of Legends fans may not understand Korean, but that didn’t stop the pro players from being superstars on Twitch.

Lee Sang-hyeok aka Faker, one of the world’s top plays in the League scene, commented about the news:

“The team and I are pleased to continue streaming our gameplay and connecting with our fans through Twitch. I hope that our fans will continue to show their support.”

Track record

Faker and other T1 players do not stream often during the season. However, they have all managed to build an impressive following on the platform.

In particular, Faker has garnered 3 million followers over the 3 years he has been streaming on Twitch.

Another T1 star, AD carry Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, also manages to average thousands of viewers whenever he goes live.

Branching out

In March 2019, the organization decided to rebrand from “SK Telecom T1” to simply “T1”.

The group has also branched out to other games aside from League, including Fortnite, VALORANT, and Dota 2.

The group’s extended partnership with Twitch comes after a series of other deals with large brands, such as BMW, Nike, Logitech G, Samsung Odyssey, Secret Lab, One Store, Douyu, and Klevv.

Fans are ecstatic to see more of T1’s great plays on Twitch:

“Yay more faker on twitch.”

“I’m gonna be suscribe to Teddy’s channel until the end? GET IT”

“can’t wait to see INYOURDREAM streaming again”

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