Twitch streamer Richoff bests world record for longest uninterrupted live stream

Seems like the quarantine and lockdown period is giving content creators more time to produce content… as the longest uninterrupted live stream world record may have just been broken yet again.

In case you missed it, that’s about 3 times in just a span of months!

Longest uninterrupted live stream?

Twitch streamer Richard “richoff” Macdonald’s latest attempt may have just beaten the World Record for the longest livestream at 215 Hours, 3 Minutes and 29 Seconds.

The title of having the longest continuous Twitch broadcast was recently achieved by streamers CallMeCypher (200 hours, 18 minutes) and then Welsh content creator Reecesyy (200 hours, 30 mins) earlier this year.

However, it was only a matter of time before more content creators went after the record themselves.

In a statement, Macdonald was originally going for 240 hours but he later faced unresolved technical difficulties with live streaming software (OBS).

“So we’ve gotten to 214hrs and my OBS has done this, I can’t seem to fix it in anyway, my @Twitch screen has frozen but the stream is still live. I wanted to hit the 240hrs but we might need to call it there.”

That didn’t stop him from achieving his original goal though— to snag the title from his fellow streamers, who are already established at that.

The streamer then enthusiastically attached a clip of when he finally broke the current world record on Twitter:

“There it is!!! Longest Uninterrupted Livestream World Record on

@Twitch Final time was 215 Hours and 13 Minutes… GGs!!! #twitch #twitchstreamer #WorldRecord #Livestream”

Aside from technical issues with OBS, Macdonald also admitted to having dealt with his stream audio being out of sync.

He also provided a screenshot of his livestream uptime on OBS to verify his successful attempt:

“Stream finally went down at 215hrs. Didn’t hit 240 but we SMASHED the longest uninterrupted live stream world record by almost 15hrs. INSANE!!!”

Of course, the variety streamer didn’t forget to thank his audience for the support:

“MASSIVE thank you to all the follows/subs and my amazing community for the support!! #twitch”

Macdonald also credited Harris Heller for the “incredible” StreamBeats playlist he used for the entire 215hr stream. He vows to continue using the artist’s work for his future streams.

This record just goes on to prove how small streamers can go on and achieve whatever they put their mind into!

Who is richoff?

Richard “richoff” Macdonald is a Twitch streamer who is “dabbling in both triple A bad boys as well as the tiniest wee Indie games.”

He is a small streamer with a little over 1,700 followers, frequently streaming titles like Fall Guys, Minecraft, and Just Chatting.

Don’t forget to check out richoff’s official Twitch channel and Twitter account for more updates!

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