Jeffree Star’s Halloween Mystery Boxes are Here!

True to the spirit of Halloween, famous beauty guru Jeffree Star is to launch the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Halloween Mystery Boxes on October 11th at 10 AM PST. (1 PM EST)

The renowned cosmetics brand aims to give you all the spooky make-up you need to create a glam yet scary look for yourself.

If you’re wondering about the contents, check out which products you might land if you plan to grab a box!

  • Premium Box – 4 items and 1 exclusive mystery cosmetic item
  • Deluxe Box – 8 items and 1 exclusive mystery cosmetic item
  • Supreme Box – 13 items and 1 exclusive mystery cosmetic item

All three boxes will have exclusive items.

As for the pricing, the premium box costs 40 USD, the deluxe box is at 75 USD, and the supreme box is at 160 USD.

In a tweet by Star himself, he expressed his excitement for the launch of his new mystery boxes:

HAPPY F🧡CKIN’ HALLOWEEN!! 👻🎃🖤 THIS Friday Oct. 11th our most insane #MysteryBox release ever!!! Buckle in and get ready for THREE different boxes. ALL with an exclusive item or ITEMS inside ⚠️ Mystery Halloween liquid lipsticks, merch and more 💀 What box is on your list??

Sounds spectacular? There’s more, Jeffree Star Cosmetics also announced they will release exclusive mirrors and various Halloween-themed merch — apart from the exclusive items included in the mystery box.

Many fans took it to Twitter to express their anticipation for the new products.

One user even went on to ask Star himself if she can perhaps order more than one mystery box on its release, “Are there any limits? Lime 2 per customer or can I get supreme boxes for all my friends?”

While another Star fan tweeted “Always go for the big ones 😈”, expressing how she’s eyeing on buying the Supreme Box.

The previous Jeffree Star Mystery Box released July this year did not fare well among fans, because they found out it didn’t really have many exclusive items.

Those who bought the well-sought product ended up receiving the same version of the mystery box with just the same items — there’s no element of surprise and versatility there.

However, this is Jeffree Star we are talking about. Self-described as “make-up artist/cosmetics creator”, the celebrity is known to take everything business-related seriously. You can’t expect less from the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Here’s to hoping this year’s Halloween mystery box release will meet all expectations!

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