Pewdiepie and Marzia attract huge crowd of fans at unexpected meet and greet in Canada

YouTube icon PewDiePie and his wife were surprised by a huge crowd of fans during an impromptu meet and greet in Toronto, Canada.

Being the most followed individual Youtuber, it’s no surprise how the streamer successfully garnered thousands of fans across the world.

He holds the title of being the first YouTuber to break 100 million subscribers and currently sits at over 102 million subscribers on his channel.

Back in April, he picked DLive as an exclusive live streaming platform for the next several months for his weekly live streams.

While Pewds cemented his influence and popularity for gaming and meme content, he also shares real-life footages to his fans. One of which is a recent travel vlog where he visited Canada together with his wife.

They have been together for a number of years, before announcing their marriage back in August.

On their second day in the country, the duo held up a ‘Tsuki Pop Up’ shop – the clothing and home products range designed by PewDiePie and Marzia.

The original shop that was taken over for the Tsuki Pop Up event was seriously impressive. Together with a number of aesthetic changes, it lent Pewdiepie a real overhaul ahead.

In the video, the 30-year-old Youtuber explained:

We have people waiting outside… Apparently since 5am. But then we came and they were just like ‘hey’. So polite… We didn’t tweet or post about it, so you know the hardcore ‘Torontans’ were the ones who were there.

People were apparently queueing for the event from the early hours of the morning, along with a line of people waiting just to personally meet him and Marzia.

The line stretches a considerable distance down the street, testifying once again just how popular the Youtube icon is with his fans.

After their unexpected yet successful meet and greet, the pair also went to see Niagara Falls, the famous group of waterfalls on the US-Canada border.

The footage included Pewds and Marzia getting soaked as they experienced some pretty forceful winds, but it’s safe to say they both clearly enjoyed their experience at the famous waterfalls.

Venturing further into Canada, they also found a haunted house which provided a number of terrors, self-described by Pewdiepie as “way scarier than I thought”.

In closing, the pair visited an aquarium. This led to some hilarious voice-over from Kjellberg, claiming he’d “low-key” kiss one of the fishes he came across.

Seems like both Felix and Marzia enjoyed their Canada visit, and were delighted to share their wonderful time with their fans all over the globe.

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