Jake Paul says he’s done with YouTube

In a rather surprising statement, YouTube sensation Jake Paul says he’s done with the platform… for good?

He says the platform does not pay its creators enough, and even went on to confirm he’ll be stopping his viral vlogs on the site in a recent interview.

Branching out

Paul has been branching out of his content creation endeavors as of late, venturing to boxing and a possible music career.

He says these activities outside of making videos have felt more worthwhile to do.

During a recent hang-out where he grabbed drinks with his ex-wife Tana Mongeau and some other friends, Jake did sound like he’s reconsidering his relationship with the platform where he’s primarily known for his controversial vlogs and videos.

He also spoke about his rising music career, calling YouTube a “dead-end” for his musical endeavors.

Assuring his fans, he said he will still be financially well-off despite not focusing entirely on making videos.

“Yeah, I don’t f**k with that YouTube s**t, it’s a dead-end.. They don’t pay s**t, f**k you YouTube. Nah, I make my money in other ways, I’m the owner of Fanjoy.”

What is Fanjoy?

Fanjoy is the name of the merchandise company that partners with content creators like YouTuber David Dobrik, TikTok star Addison Rae, and others.

Chris Vaccarino is listed as the brand’s CEO and founder, so Jake’s full involvement isn’t exactly revealed.

However, it’s a guarantee that he makes a kickback from his merch that’s sold on the site.

A split with the leading video-sharing site won’t be the first time for Paul to potentially switch platforms.

In case you missed it, he got his early start on Vine before moving to YouTube when the app closed in 2016.

During the interview, he did remain tight-lipped about the recent, infamous FBI search warrant of his home on August 5.

Paul revealed that the controversial raid was “entirely” related to his appearance at a looting in Scottsdale, Arizona back in May.

However, fans speculate that his bold statements on quitting YouTube were only influenced by liquor.

“I think this the most wasted we ever seen Jake lmfaooo”

“I’m sure he doesn’t even know what he is saying”

“He’s so drunk his friend that is wearing black is trying to pull him away”

“New title: Jake Paul absolutely hammered”

It’s completely understandable if Jake wants to take a step back from the limelight at least for a while, given recent events and controversies.

Fellow content creators such as Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie took breaks from the platform earlier this year, citing personal reasons. Paul following in their steps won’t be bad.

Pursuing a boxing and music career might not give him enough time to make new content, anyway.

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