Why is HAchubby Taking a Step Back From Twitch?

Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby burst in tears as she explained her decision to stream less on the platform.

She announced it on her February 12 broadcast, further explaining the reason why she’d be taking a step back from streaming on Twitch.

Considered as one of Twitch’s breakout stars in 2019, the Korean personality skyrocketed to fame as she shared her journey in learning English through chat and meme culture.

Now that she’s putting a temporary pause on her booming career, she gave an emotional speech detailing why she wouldn’t be streaming as often.

She used a translator in the middle of her broadcast to tell her viewers she was about to make an announcement. HAchubby began to tear up as she typed her message.

Shortly after, she revealed her plans of studying English to improve her conversation skills.

“Ladies and Gentleman, I’m going to do my best for you. Everyone, I really want to do my best to study this time.”

She managed to hold it well for quite a while before breaking into tears. She also revealed her plans of taking a step back from streaming in hopes of focusing to become fluent in the second language.

Rewriting the message several times, she further stated:

“I want to invest a lot of time and I think this is the last chance. I probably think more time should be reduced to the stream. I’m really sorry.”

This doesn’t mean fans won’t get to see HAchubby on Twitch ever again, though. She clarified that she will stick to a once or twice a week stream schedule for now.

She choked back tears as she received various donations from fans who expressed they loved her stream the way it was.

HAchubby also stated how she was “worried” about the viewers who tune in to her broadcasts to help in dealing with their depression.

However, she wished them to be happy and healthy while she will be streaming less. To connect with her fans outside of her broadcasts, she will also be regularly writing on her blog.

The decision to focus on learning English came fresh off her return from a recent USA trip. During her visit, she collaborated with other Twitch names such as Pokimane, Lilypichu, and the rest of the OfflineTV crew.

Fans continue to speculate if this move only confirms the rumors that she’s going to join the OfflineTV gang.

What do you think of the possibility regarding HAchubby as the recent addition to OfflineTV’s roster?

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