Shroud Hits 1M Follower Milestone on Mixer

Mixer star Shroud reached his 1 million follower milestone on the platform, despite underperforming during his first four months since his transfer.

Apparently, he’s not doing so badly on his new home platform.

Shroud has achieved this milestone only four months after signing a multi-year exclusivity deal with Microsoft’s streaming platform.

However, since he joined Mixer in October 2019, his average viewer rate has fallen to just over 6,000 viewers (February 2020).

The figures are significantly higher than his dominating numbers on Twitch, which remains to be the leading live streaming service online.

The streamer and former Counter Strike pro player had over 7 million followers on Twitch. He averages around 24 thousand viewers before his transfer.

His first month on Mixer proved to be promising. On his debut stream, he gathered an average of 67,000 viewers.

The numbers weren’t continuous though. Turns out, his viewers lost interest in the platform and returned to Twitch.

He followed Fortnite streamer and fellow gamer Ninja, who abruptly left Twitch for Mixer in August 2019. Ninja is considered as the first major Twitch name to jump ships to rival platforms. He was shortly followed by fellow streamers Shroud, CouRageJD, and KingGothalion.

Ninja himself has almost triple of Shroud’s Twitch follower count. But the story remains the same, as his average viewership fell dramatically ever since joining the platform.

After reaching the one million follower mark on Mixer, he’s now sitting almost 2 million followers behind Ninja.

The two stars arrived on the platform when they were already established stars by their own right. This has put in doubt the ability of Mixer to produce stars of its own.

Afterall, one of the possible reasons why Microsoft was interested in bringing over Ninja and Shroud on their service was to bring over some fans and viewers of both streamers.

Shroud can still enjoy his safety net as he was rumored to have signed on a multi-million dollar deal, despite the massive decrease in viewership.

He may be far from reaching and surpassing the audience count he had on Twitch, but income-wise, the money he’ll get from Mixer may just set him for life.

One report suggests that the “the biggest streamers are earning as much as $40 million over three to five years.”

Fans were quick to express their joy for Shroud’s latest achievement on Mixer:

“So Shroud finally hit 1M followers on mixer. Am i happy for Shroud…yes…but do i think he couldve hit it a lot sooner outside of Mixer..”

Though of course, Shroud can always decide to return to Twitch once his contract with the rival platform expires.

As of writing though, the possibility remains unlikely. After the 1M mark, Shroud may be on his way to his next follower milestone.

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