Pokimane Responds to Gross Reaction over Viral No make-up Selfie

Pokimane is truly out there, killing haters and bashers with kindness!

A now-deleted tweet by user Nekodoll showing Poki’s face without make-up on went viral on the platform, along with a rather demeaning caption:

“How the fuck does one age this much without makeup holy shit”

Accordingly, the user has been called out for his demeaning tweet.

The said screencap that was gaining traction yet again was actually taken last year.

The OP further apologized for the mess he’s created and clarified the reason why he tweeted it.

“In all honesty, I am sorry for the mess that I caused. I thought of it as just a joke but turns out it was something very insensitive of me to say.”

So what does Twitch’s number 1 female streamer have to say about all the attention surrounding her #NoMakeup Look?

In a tweet dated last January 30, the streamer seemed to address the issue by saying:

“calling someone else ugly isn’t gonna make you any prettier 🤷🏻‍♀️”

Speaking to a fan who asked how she deals with these people on the daily, she replies how she has her good friends, sweet fans & a life outside of the internet to help give her perspective to the “bs”.

Accordingly, fans and supporters all came around to express they’re with Pokimane on this:

“hey poki, don’t listen to these internet trolls. I, for one, think you’re beautiful. God’s gift to this horrible earth. you make everything better 👍😇”
“… i’ve been seeing so many hate posts on you & it just blows my mind so many people have such hatred and resentment for someone for no reason. quite an ugly attribute for a person to have.”
“Don’t mind the haters Pokimane, you are very beautiful. 😍”

Fortunately, Poki is known to embrace her true self even on camera.

In fact, she has been embracing her bare face and is confident enough to post no make-up selfies from last year.

“No one looks good 24/7, and a lot of different things can affect someone’s appearance! We’re all only human, so let’s be kind to one another ❤️”

It’s no question why Pokimane continues to be everyone’s favorite gamer girl!

With her lovable and adoring personality, it’s hard not to take a liking on the famous gaming personality. She has over 3.8 million followers on Twitch, where she’s known for her League of Legends and Fornite gameplays.

The social media powerhouse also gives a glimpse of her daily life on Youtube, with IRL and travel vlogs. She boasts of 4.48 million followers on the platform.

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