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Tfue hailed as most-watched individual streamer of 2019; Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau takes Relationship Break; David Dobrik’s disposable camera app is a Hit at 1M downloads; NikkieTutorials comes out in emotional video; Valkyrae Signs with Youtube Gaming; Pewdiepie officially goes on Youtube hiatus!; Pokimane reveals new custom Fornite emote; JayStation allegedly faked GF’s death for clout; Stephanie, Alec Ludford’s Girlfriend has Passed Away; True Sight: TI9 lands on #1 spot of Youtube’s Trending List for Gaming; Jeffree Star launches new Valentine’s Day Collection Mystery Box

January seemed to be a year of its own. So much has happened in one month, from devastating wildfires and a global virus outbreak to the sudden passing of one of the greatest NBA stars in history (RIP Mamba).

A lot has happened in the online world as well! In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of interesting news stories for January on your favorite internet personalities:

It’s a victory royale for Twitch superstar Tfue! The streamer is hailed as the most-watched individual streamer of 2019, garnering a total of 88.05 million number of hours watched on the platform for the past year. He continues to reign as the most-watched Twitch star, continuing Fortnite’s dominance in the category.

The recent move of ex-Twitch superstars Ninja and Shroud earlier last year seemed to have boost Tfue’s viewership, allowing him to dominate the charts.

Celeb power couple Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau broke the bittersweet news to their fans as they are confirmed to be “taking a break”. The pair also revealed how their relationship has gone downhill for the last few weeks.

Mongeau, in particular, has been very vocal about the issues she’s facing in her six-month marriage with fellow Youtube star Paul.

According to official numbers, David Dobrik’s disposable camera app is a Hit at 1M downloads! Many fans are captivated by his new digital disposable camera app, which is perfect for millennials who are trying to keep up with their IG aesthetics.

There’s an audience for people who are jumping into what’s trending currently — and Dobrik knows just how to use that to his advantage!

David’s Disposable doesn’t stop at over 1M downloads. In fact, the numbers are still picking up speed. The app is ad-supported, but a subscription fee at $1 makes it easier to navigate thanks to the premium service.

Famous beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials has come out as transgender in an emotional new Youtube video.

In the 17-minute video, she revealed to the world for the first time that she is trans. This is the first time she spoke about it in her 11-year Youtube career history.

Her decision to release the video was because of blackmail from unnamed people who threatened to out her to the press. Fighting back those who attempted to threaten her into fear, she decided to come forward with her real story earlier than she would’ve liked.

100 Thieves star Valkyrae is leaving her home platform Twitch for Youtube Gaming, with presumably greener pastures ahead.

She’s the first Twitch starlet to jump ships this new year. 2019 saw big names on Twitch leave the platform (Shroud, Ninja, King Gothalion, Ewok, and more) and it seems like the streaming war continues to date.

Slasher reveals her contract will be a multi-year deal, although it’s likely to be less than the $1 million per year deal other streamers have secured.

Youtube king Pewdiepie has officially began his Youtube hiatus, an announcement he made last December 2019 that shocked thousands of his fans.

Kjellberg didn’t really specify for how long this hiatus is going to be. As of the moment, no one knows how long he’d be gone from the platform. 2019 had been rather hectic for the Youtuber. It’s only understandable how he needs an ample amount of time to “cool down” from all the messy drama.

Pokimane revealed her new custom Fortnite emote! “The Poki” emote is based on a viral dance she had posted on Tik-Tok. She has stepped up as the latest content creator to receive a custom Fortnite cosmetic item, after fellow gamer Ninja got an exclusive in-game skin as a part of the Icon Series.

Fans continue to speculate the possibility of a Pokimane skin being next in line for Fortnite’s Icon Series. The Twitch star is famous for her Fortnite gameplays, afterall.

JayStation allegedly faked his girlfriend’s death for clout. The odd circumstances surrounding the video he uploaded on mourning her passing led to speculations on how the apparent death is fake.

A fellow Youtuber, OrdinaryGamers, said he has checked with police departments in Toronto and Ottawa which is near where JayStation reportedly lives. After checking, there are apparently no reports confirming Alexia’s death. Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR also called out JayStation and his apparent lies. He believes that the streamer did indeed faked his girlfriend’s death.

Alexia herself came forward days after the controversy and exposed the true nature of her relationship with the Youtuber.

Last month is also met with great sadness with the passing of Stephanie, Streamer Alec Ludford’s beloved fiance who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Their recent streams have been around the treatment she is receiving as she battles with Leukemia.

Alec and Steph warmed the hearts of many when he proposed in their hospital room back in November of last year, telling her how “proud he was of her” and that he “wants to spend his life with her”.

For fans who weren’t able to catch the premiere, Valve’s highly-anticipated True Sight: The International 2019 Finals documentary is now uploaded on the official Dota 2 YouTube channel.

As of writing, the video has over 2.48 million views and even landed on the top #1 spot on Youtube’s trending list for gaming.

The “True Sight” documentary series features what most fans don’t get to see at a major Dota tournament: up close and personal with their favorite Dota 2 pro players. OG dominated the series 3 – 1, beating Team Liquid.

February is the season of love, and Jeffree Star’s Valentine’s Edition Mystery Boxes are here just in time for the romantic season!

The Valentines edition mystery boxes are sold at 3 different editions.

The Premium box, which is priced at $60, contains 4 items with 3 exclusive ones. The entire box is said to be of $105 value for only $60!

The Deluxe box is at $100, containing 8 total items with 3 exclusive ones. The original value of the said box is priced at $199. Meanwhile the Supreme box is priced at $145, containing 12 items with 5 exclusive ones. The $285 value box is priced at $145.

The products are perfect for fans who want to treat themselves this Valentine’s season or for boyfriends/girlfriends looking for the right gift for their partners this season.

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