Tfue Hailed as the Most-watched Individual Twitch Streamer of 2019

It’s a victory royale for Tfue!

According to Esports observer, Turner “Tfue” Tenney reigns as the most-watched influencer on the platform, continuing Fortnite’s dominance in the category.

Tfue has garnered 88.05M total number of hours watched on Twitch for the past year, beating Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, who sits in second place with 65.8 million hours watched.

Summit1g and Ninja shortly follows the list at third and fourth place, with last year’s total of 60.9M and 57.9M views respectively.

Gamer and IRL variety streamer “xQc” and famous World of Warcraft player “Asmongold” also made the list.

Notably absent from the top 10 list was Twitch star DrDisrespect, who won Streamer of the Year during the Esports Awards in November.

The recent move of ex-Twitch superstars Ninja and Shroud earlier last year seemed to have boost Tfue’s viewership. Now, he successfully sat at the top of the charts as the most-watched Twitch influencer of 2019.

His early esports success began with with multiple wins at KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite competition.

Tfue’s popularity gained traction in 2019, but was often second only to Ninja among Fortnite fanatics on Twitch.

He slowly began to gain ground and rack up more viewership hours than Ninja, especially after the latter moved from Twitch to Mixer at the beginning of August.

Tfue was successful in garnering nearly 30 million more hours despite his short hiatus from streaming activities in September.

Tfue is yet to achieve the same level of mainstream endorsement deals like his fellow Twitch A-listers, although his success in terms of hours watched may just help him land brand new partnerships.

As of the moment, he doesn’t have any endorsements listed on his stream page. He has also been involved in a highly-publicized legal dispute with his former team FaZe Clan.

Ex-Twitch stars Shroud and Ninja still managed to stay in the top 10 due to their strong performance in the first half of the year.

In 2019, Twitch’s market share dropped to 73% while Mixer and Facebook grew to 3%. Meanwhile, Youtube Gaming fell to 21%.

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