Streamer xQc Suffers Continued DDoS Attacks after IP Address Reveal

XQc’s planned stream for New Years Eve was delayed after he accidentally revealed his IP address on a recent livestream.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel welcomed the new year having dealt with a suspected Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack after he unwittingly shared his IP to thousands of viewers.

Multiple compromised systems, often infected with a Trojan virus, are used to target a single system causing a DoS attack.

The streamer initially planned to welcome the new decade with the chat by his side. However, his plan didn’t go as smoothly as he thought it would after the accidental IP reveal.

It led to a spam of unsolicited attacks on his network.

Although he managed to keep the livestream up for 30 minutes, it was then taken off as the internet went down. It prompted Lengyel to find a quick solution just as the new year was about to kick in.

10 minutes into his NYE stream, the streamer brought up his network settings on screen to figure out and troubleshoot his slow connection problems.

In doing so, he unwittingly shared his IP address to over 10,000 viewers at the time.

His chat was quick to spam that he leaked his IP, pushing the streamer to lash out as he was fed up with the pressure and anxiety.

“It’s not even a new thing dude, guys what is wrong with you? It’s not a leak, you’re just dumb dude.”

Streamer xQc has been vocal about the internet issues he’s been facing for quite some time now. His internet provider, AT&T, also seems to be slow and unresponsive in helping him.

Internet service providers (ISPs) can remotely change a user’s IP address or help change the IP constantly over time. However, according to the Twitch star, this would mean he has to shell out for a new connection or modem which may be pricey.

“AT&T is unable by any means to give or change my public IP address unless they give me a complete new connection or change my modem physically.”

Despite the connection problems, the streamer did manage to get his stream back online before midnight ticked over.

He might have had to run over to fellow streamer Reckful’s place to go live again, but the important thing is, he managed to continue his promised NYE broadcast just in time.

The former Overwatch pro player rose to sixth place on the most watched Twitch channels of 2019 with a total of 53.3M hours, thanks to his IRL and variety streams.

He currently has over 1.8M followers on his Twitch channel.

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