Breaking: Valkyrae Signs with Youtube!

Seems like Youtube has lured another top streamer away from Twitch.

100 Thieves star Valkyrae is leaving her home platform Twitch for Youtube Gaming, with presumably greener pastures ahead.

The past year saw big Twitch names leave the platform and it seems like the streaming war continues until 2020.

Valkyrae is the first Twitch starlet to jump ships this new year. In an announcement post, she tweeted a clip of a young girl playing a game — ending in a date and a time.

She concludes the teaser-video by saying:

“It’s time for the next chapter. Are you ready for something new?”

Valkyrae joins a growing list of Twitch streamers who are leaving the platform: Shroud, Ninja, King Gothalion, Ewok, and more.

The streamer also joins fellow 100 Thieves member Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop on YouTube.

Slasher reveals her contract will be a multi-year deal, although it’s likely to be less than the $1 million per year deal other streamers have secured.

“While the terms for Valkyrae’s move to YouTube from for Twitch are significant, it is less than the $1 Million+ per year that other major streamers have received in their own deals, sources said”

The streamer didn’t fail to thank her loyal fans and viewers for their continuous support, expressing her excitement for this new journey.

“been crying happy tears from all the overwhelming love since the YouTube announcement. Some of you referencing when you found me during the GameStop days..that was over 5 years of streaming since then!..and 2 years since dad passed. Some of you really were there and remember.TY❤️”

“I’m so excited to keep moving forward.”

Twitch seems to be supportive of Valkyrae’s decision to move. In a tweet, one rep wished her well:

“Thanks for everything, and good luck to you and Mika!”

Burning no bridges behind, Valkyrae also expressed her gratitude to the platform she called home for 5 years:

“Thank YOU for everything as well ❤️ it has been an incredible 5 years on the platform and with the Twitch team.”

Will you check out Valkyrae’s fresh new streams on Youtube Gaming?

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