Pokimane Unveils Custom Fortnite Emote from Viral TikTok Dance

Pokimane’s highly-awaited announcement has been revealed! The streamer took it to Twitter to share the news about an upcoming weekend announcement:

“i’d like to announce that i’m gonna announce that i have an announcement on saturday”

Fans were quick to speculate as to what could the announcement be, from an exclusive Fortnite skin to her moving to another platform.

However, the speculations were proven wrong as Pokimane revealed her new custom Fortnite emote! It is based on a viral dance she had posted on Tik-Tok.

“can’t believe i’m saying this, but i officially have my own @fortnitegame Emote! 🤯🥳 it’s available at 4PM PT tomorrow if you’d like to get it! #EpicPartner”

She didn’t completely reject the possibility of getting her own in-game skin, though. In a recent broadcast, she explained:

“There’s no skin for now. Maybe someday. But for now, I do little dance!”

One thing is for sure — the Twitch star will be well-represented in the game.

In the wake of her announcement speculation, some fans suggested:

“Poki skin?”
“Congrats on getting your own skin!”

This pays homage to Ninja’s recent collaboration with Fortnite for an official in-game skin. Players can now look like their favorite pro gamer on the battlefield.

Another fan speculated it could be that Poki’s going to “sell feet pics”. This bizarre yet growing hype proves to give a lot of e-girls a steady amount of extra cash.

A fan also guessed it may be new merch, considering her famous and highly-coveted signature jogger pants were completely sold out!

But perhaps the most famous speculation would be that Pokimane is to leave Twitch for a new platform.

“Please stay on Twitch. Please stay on Twitch. Please stay on Twitch 😔”
“Oh no please not youtube gaming or other sh*t like that.”

This is not the first time the Twitch star has teased her fans for a “very special” announcement.

It led to a massive speculation as to whether the streamer will leave Twitch and join the likes of Ninja, Shroud, and KingGothalion — ex-Twitch stars who jumped ships.

Turns out, the announcement was for her official Youtooz action figure collectible which sold out like pancakes upon release.

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