Can Twitch Prime truly boost Streamers? Pokimane Shares her Thoughts

Twitch’s number one female streamer shared her thoughts about the great impact Twitch Prime had on her and fellow streamers’ careers.

The service was launched back in September 2016, originally as a perk among Amazon Prime members after the tech company acquired the video streaming platform.

Thanks to Twitch Prime, users can enjoy a free subscription to their chosen streamer each month. This would usually cost them around $5.

Many streamers on Twitch also benefit from Twitch Prime subscription. This brought an influx of new subscribers to their channels because, as was mentioned, it’s free!

Pokimane, dubbed as Twitch’s most popular female streamer at 3.7M followers, recently revealed how Twitch Prime changed her life.

As she was in a call with fellow streamers jonzherka and esfand, the group got onto the topic of Twitch Prime which Poki had personal experience of sharing:

“When it came out, my sub count doubled in, like, one day… I was moving and I set everything up within one night, just because I knew it was coming out the next day and I just had to stream.”

Twitch Prime’s impact can be profound, if you’re lucky that is.

“Twitch Prime just made people’s careers, basically. The difference between making $2,000 and $4,000 in a month is massive.”

Although her fellow streamers agreed with what she said, they made fun of how difficult it was back then to get anybody to watch their streams — let alone hit the sub button.

Pokimane, perhaps knowing how hard the beginning stages were of an aspiring full-time streamer, explained that it always starts that way.

Regardless, it’s surprising to know how Twitch Prime subs alone can possibly double a streamer’s monthly income.

This is big news, especially to those who want to rely on streaming as a primary career.

Part-time streamers who can bring in Twitch Prime subs may have the option to quit their day jobs, if the monthly income from full-time streaming is enough for them to make ends meet.

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