Streamer Jenna Apologizes after Racist and Homophobic Messages got Leaked

Twitch star Jenna has apologized after her racist and homophobic messages were leaked.

A series of the streamer’s old messages containing problematic slurs from her Discord channel were shared on Reddit, allowing the internet to feast on such a spectacle.

The messages were posted to the subreddit r/LiveStreamfail, where the post went viral in only a matter of hours. It was so talked-about on the platform that it even landed on the front page of Reddit, r/All.

30 screenshots were included in the post with her Discord messages from 2016 to 2019.

The messages were condemned for the use of the N-word and other homophobic, anti-semitic, and ableist slurs.

The Twitch star was quick to address all the bad press attached to her name. In fact, she read through the post in her January 14 broadcast where she admitted how she felt bad about the screenshots.

“I feel terrible. I’m a f**k up, but I already knew I was a f**k up, so… I’m sh**ty.”

“I’m not going to lie guys, I don’t remember doing any of this, it’s not how I feel. And if I lose my partnership for it, I deserve it.

After some viewers brought up how she hasn’t given a proper apology about the matter yet, Jenna continued:

“I’m sorry for hurting anyone’s feelings, you’re right. I’m sorry that I’m a f**k up, and I’m sorry that I’m a stupid girl and I’m sorry that I make mistakes.”

Jenna herself considered the possibility of losing her Twitch partnership as a consequence of her problematic messages. However, Twitch’s stance on the matter remains unclear.

The platform’s community guidelines imposes that they “may take action against users for hateful conduct or harassment that occurs off Twitch services.”

Whether Jenna’s controversy falls under this bracket, fans may have to wait and see.

One of the comments leaked in the post did directly address another streamer, Justfoxii.

Linking a clip of her stream, Jenna mentioned:

“How can she be comfortable with that much makeup?”
“Bringing something to the Twitch platform besides her curveless body?”

Fans were quick to voice out their thoughts about the controversy, with some tagging Twitch’s official account to get the streamer apprehended for her distasteful actions.

“Wonder how long Jenna is gonna be around spewing her racist and bigotry views. Her excuse was lame and trying to save face. Police the thots!”
“Bro this white girl Jenna on twitch rly has the audacity to say she doesn’t remember being racist and homophobic on her discord when her messages are dated 2019 LMAOOOO”
“Crazy thing is. Yall knew Jenna was racist. These discord messages just aired her out to an audience bigger than twitch. It’s crazy how much racism is allowed in these communities.”

Let it be clear, there’s no room for hate messages on the platform and the rest of the online community.

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