Twitch Star Amouranth loses 300k followers in just one night

Twitch Star Amouranth, or Kaitlyn Siragusa, lost about 300,000 followers from her channel shortly after receiving a controversial and highly-speculated massive boost.

The follow boost happened after the streamer got banned.

As the Twitch star returned from a three-day ban in the midst of September, she became the fastest-growing streamer on the platform with a total of 410, 000 additional followers in the seven days since she returned.

The sudden huge follower gain had little to no relative increase in her streams’ average viewership, thus began all the speculation.

The viral controversy behind Amouranth’s ban got online communities curious, after all.

Google searches for her name had skyrocketed among curious viewers and fans, which she pointed out herself in a tweet:

It’s literally impossible to predict what will blow up on the internet. This banning drama has made me more relevant that everything I’ve ever done combined.

LSF for the MVP.

However, everything’s not smooth sailing regarding her channel’s follower boost.

According to the online statistics tracking site SocialBlade, her channel lost over 2,000 followers on October 24 and another whooping 290, 000 followers on October 29.

That’s right — she lost approximately 292, 000 followers to date.

As of the moment, it is still unknown how and why followers have disappeared from her channel.

What’s clear to many is that it’s no natural occurence for hundred thousands of followers to unfollow the Twitch icon on such a short span of time.

Despite the sudden cut-off, her channel still gained a great amount of 40,000 followers after her inactivity.

It’s short compared to the 400,000 new followers that was originally seen in the following seven days after her ban, but it’s still considered a relative growth.

Many users have pointed out how the massive follower increase was something to be suspected, since there’s a lack of noticeable increase in her channel’s viewership.

One leading theory behind this whole commotion is the presence of follow bots.

While it is possible for Amouranth’s channel to be hit by massive follow bots, it’s not confirmed to be the reason why it coincidentally happened at the same time with her return after the short ban.

As of the moment, the reason for the mass loss of followers is still undetermined.

She currently has a total of 1,221,290 followers on her Twitch channel, which is down from a peak record of 1, 510, 501.

Fans may have to wait a while for Amouranth herself to speak out on the matter.

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