Jeffree Star launches new Valentine’s Day Collection Mystery Box

February is the season of love, and Jeffree Star’s Valentine’s Edition Mystery Boxes are here just in time for the romantic season!

The beauty guru took it to Twitter to share the exciting news:

“NEW MYSTERY BOX ALERT 🆘 THIS Friday JAN. 31st we are launching ALL NEW Valentine’s merch AND insane mystery boxes! 🔑❤️ We plan to redeem ourselves from the holiday and bring you the most epic launch 🔥 Mark the calendar and don’t be late!”

The Valentines edition mystery boxes are sold at 3 different editions.

The Premium box, which is priced at $60, contains 4 items with 3 exclusive ones. The entire box is said to be of $105 value for only $60!

The Deluxe box is at $100, containing 8 total items with 3 exclusive ones. The original value of the said box is priced at $199.

The Supreme box is priced at $145, containing 12 items with 5 exclusive ones. The $285 value box is priced at $145.

Regardless, these boxes all sound like a deal!

Aside from the make-up holy grails, Valentine-themed Jeffree Star accessories will also be launched in time for the occasion.

Hoodies, jackets, bags, and beauty star mirrors are a part of the brand’s Valentines day collection. These items are all Valentines-themed, designed accordingly in red and pink romantic colors.

The products are perfect for fans who want to treat themselves this Valentine’s season or for boyfriends/girlfriends looking for the right gift for their partners this season.

Fans were quick to hype up the announcement:

“Fuck yes! Told my husband I need this all. Lol.”
“If I miss out on another box I’m going to die.💔”
“Ohhhhh shiiiiit thank God it’s on a Friday because that’s payday!!!!”
“Jeffree Star telling me who owns my bank account 😂😈”

The Jeffree Star Mystery Boxes – Valentines Edition and Valentine’s day collection will be available on January 31st at 10 AM PST.

Check out the collection at

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