E-Girl Gets Brutally Honest on How She has to Wear a Tank Top to Gain Views

Twitch star Indiefoxx got brutally honest as she explained one problem with the prevalent viewership culture on the platform.

On Twitch, anyone is free to broadcast their interests to the rest of the world. This can be in the form of gameplays, painting, or merely chatting to viewers about their day.

But in recent years, with the rise of e-girls and the infamous “tank top” strategy, streamers have got to cope with effective strategies to boost their channel’s views.

Not everyone’s happy with the tactics they have to do for the sake of more viewership, such is the case of Twitch star Indiefoxx.

On her January 25 stream, she discussed the prevalent culture on Twitch and was honest on her concerns about it.

“A win for me would be where I could wear a t-shirt and actually have people give a sh*t…”

“[When] I wear a t-shirt I go down to 300 subs for no f**king reason.”

She continued as she explained how considerable increases in viewership over things like dressing up had a negative effect on her.

“All the little changes like dressing up, putting on the charade has made my stream more successful but it has not made me mentally okay with what I believe the entertainment industry is.”

In many cases, streamers would go to the lengths of exaggerating certain aspects of their personality just so they appear to be more likeable to viewers.

“This isn’t really what women are, this isn’t really what people are like. It is not real. It’s bullsh*t.”

At the end of the day, streamers have no choice but to adapt to effective tactics and strategies to boost their channel activity.

Female streamers, most especially, may have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to lure in the views.

Fans are quite divided over Indiefoxx’s thoughts on the matter, though:

“I don’t want to play the list game, but with a ridiculous number of successful female streamers wearing “T-shirts”, maybe, JUST MAYBE, the problem is that she’s just not that entertaining?”
“For no reason? Yes there is a reason… you’re not a streamer. sitting pretty in front of a webcam is not a streamer… at least not on twitch LOL.You either gotta be really good at games or be funny.
“Maybe get some talent and learn to be entertaining without using/exposing your body and that wouldn’t happen”

As of writing, Indiefoxx has over 96,102 followers on Twitch where she’s the #348 most watched Just Chatting channel.

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