Recap #1

Here’s a quick recap of interesting news stories of this week on your favorite online personalities:

Pewdiepie officially goes on a Youtube hiatus, Pokimane Unveils Exclusive Fortnite Emote, HAchubby tries out dog food with Lilypichu, 100 Thieves reveals new Cash App Compound; BadBunny Goes on an Enraged Rant at Leeching Fans

Youtube icon Pewdiepie has officially began his Youtube hiatus, an announcement he made last December 2019 that shocked thousands of his fans. Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg didn’t really specify for how long this hiatus is going to be. As of the moment, no one knows how long he’d be gone from the platform. His recent January 15 upload became his last hurrah before saying goodbye — at least for now.

The news of Pewdiepie’s break was taken out of context and sensationalized by the press. The Youtuber has made it clear though— this wasn’t his final goodbye.

“One thing I really realized is like, I love making videos, and I love interacting with you guys… It’s really fun. But I think this year, there’s just been so much piling up that I’m like, ‘I should probably just cool down for a bit.’ And then, we’ll come back with 10,000 percent!”

Pokimane revealed her new custom Fortnite emote, based on a viral dance she posted on Tiktok. The in-game emote is also helping to promote the new Boogie Down contest, now named the Emote Royale, to inspire fans to send in their best dance moves for a chance of it being added to the game. Epic have also partnered with TikTok to make it happen.

Korean Twitch star HAchubby dropped by the OfflineTV house to catch up with the gang. She later appeared on LilyPichu’s stream and gave dog treats on her desk a try — which she apparently enjoyed. Her tour across America had been phenomenal so far. She also paid Universal Studios a visit together with the OfflineTV squad.

The 100 Thieves highly-anticipated content house “100 Thieves Cash App Compound” is here! The state of the art facility is dubbed as “the best gaming facility in the world” with a 35M USD price tag. It has a neat, white aesthetic that fits the esports and gaming organization perfectly.

Almost every room of the new 100T content house is branded with a sponsor’s name: there’s the Totino’s Fortnite Training Room after the titular video game developed by Epic Games, and the Rocket Mortgage League of Legends Training Room, after the leading moba game by Riot Games. Most importantly, there’s also “Cash App” which is the name of the building itself.

Perhaps fueled by her frustration over slow channel growth, Twitch streamer BadBunny went on a rant described as a blatant show of disrespect during her January 18th stream. Many viewers see the Twitch starlet as a greedy streamer who’s berating people for their hard earned money. Furthermore, she also pointed out how she’s technically “working for free”, as she has not received a sub or donation in an hour.

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