Shroud Simply Laughs Off Aimbot Accusations

With skills as good as Shroud, the gamer is no stranger to controversies accusing him of using “aimbots” in-game.

In fact, it’s been a while since he rightfully received the “human aimbot” title.

He has long since showcased ridiculous plays in games like PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite since he started streaming his gameplays on Twitch in 2012.

Haters continue to drag his name down, claiming he isn’t all that clean and that he actually has some cheating assists.

This has never proven to be true, though. The ex-pro CS:GO player has continued to dominate games thanks to his berserk FPS skills.

But during his recent PUBG games, the streamer simply laughed off recent accusations of him using an aimbot after another streamer reacted to a video of the claims.

On summit1g’s January 25 stream, he was obliged to watch the video accusing Shroud of cheating & using aimbots in his early days of playing PUBG.

Joking, he said:

“Huh, Shroud you be cheating brother?”

“I always knew it dude! Listen, how do you get them onto every single game you play by the way? Is that like a universal, you know what I mean? Where do I (get them)?”

Shroud himself chimed in the conversation, laughing it off – noting that the clip has been around for ages, which for some reason, has only gained traction again.

“I’ve noticed some of the people in my chat have been talking about it and I’m like boys, that shit is old news, we’re past that…”

“Summit is in disbelief that this dude made a video, he’s in disbelief that this guy made a video like this! Oh my God, that’s so funny. Summit is in disbelief that this guy is so lost.”

Regardless, Shroud still has skeptic people doubting his skills and in disbelief of what he can do with a mouse and a keyboard.

“So, I think there are people out there that believe I’m still, since day one, cheating away. No. If I was to ever have cheated at any point, it would have been at the beginning and then I would have stopped.”

That doesn’t erase his clean track record way back from his early days, though.

Afterall, fans can confidently vouch for Shroud’s insane FPS skills. He has earned the “human aimbot” title after all — like a badge of honor.

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