Fiddlesticks Easter Egg: Ready or Not?

The world of League of Legends literally took a horrific and heart-pumping turn when Riot released a video teaser of the much-anticipated Fiddlesticks rework. If you’re not a fan of a horror movie, yet you are curious of what Riot brings to the table, you may want to have someone accompany you in watching the video.

Although the horrifying Fiddlesticks rework hasn’t hit the live servers yet, there are lucky individuals who got to try it out for the first time. Some of them are streamers such as Bunny FuFu, NightBlue3, and Professor Akali. As you can see, their reactions usually revolve around the champ being scary as heck.

The NA Region’s most beloved trashtalker, Tyler1 even said

“I don’t do horror games anymore, okay? I resigned.”

He also added,

“if you’re going to fucking start adding shit like this to League, I’m going to fucking retire, you hear me?…I’m 25-years old now, my heart can literally not take this shit.”

(Talk about Riot’s approach to making League of Legends as immersive as the community wants).

But, there’s more. Apparently, Riot did not take light of the community’s reaction to the rework and made something that can literally drive you off of your gaming chair and possibly waste your flash. The then-wanky walking scarecrow is now every League of Legends player’s nightmare. Especially if you’re a jungler. If you’re already bat-crap scared of the Ancient Fear’s presence with the teaser alone, you’ll be mortified of what will come at your face at the beginning of the game.

One redditor shared a recording of him playing a normal game when the Ancient Fear came running at him. Jungle mains know that the essential first clear is the red buff and when the Xin Zhao was approaching the camp, Fiddlesticks charges at him complete with the horrifying sounds and unnerving screeches. Fortunately for this redditor, he was able to turn around and the jump scare turned into dust.

Unfortunately for some, there are those who wasted their flash and peed their pants (a little). In a YouTube channel called SoloMid, you can hear and see the reworked Fiddlesticks running around the map being a constant terror to players all around. This fantastic yet mortifying experience may be Riot’s hyping scheme for when the Ancient Fear comes to life in servers all around the world.

For now, you can enjoy a fun and exciting round of Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) game mode as part of Riot’s April Fools’ Day celebration. Did we forget to tell you that the Ancient Fear might scare you off in a game of URF? If we did, there’s an easy way to disable this scary feature.

First, you need to go to your game’s settings. Then, look for the “eye candy” feature and disable it. Once you disable this function, you’ll no longer have to deal with the horrifying Fiddlesticks running around your jungle. Disabling the “eye candy” feature turns off event and seasonal map accents or even this flash-stealing jumpscare.

The Ancient Fear hit the rift in patch 10.7 that’s just released.

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