Recap #4

We’re halfway through February and we can’t believe how time flies this month! There is no shortage of recent news and updates in the online world. If anything, you may have lost track of important news on your favorite stars.

From game updates to a streamer deciding to hit pause on her booming Twitch career, here’s what you may have missed in the past week:

Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby burst in tears as she explained her decision to stream less on the platform.

She announced it on her February 12 broadcast, further explaining the reason why she’d be taking a step back from streaming on Twitch – she has plans of studying English to improve her conversation skills.

This doesn’t mean fans won’t get to see HAchubby on Twitch ever again, though. She clarified that she will stick to a once or twice a week stream schedule for now.

The decision to focus on learning English came fresh off her return from a recent USA trip. During her visit, she collaborated with other Twitch names such as Pokimane, Lilypichu, and the rest of the OfflineTV crew.

Fans continue to speculate if this move only confirms the rumors that she’s going to join the OfflineTV gang.

100 Thieves star Valkyrae decided to leave the new 100T LA content house, revealing she needs to change things in her life since the past few months have been rather hectic and stressful.

The state of the art facility is dubbed as “the best gaming facility in the world” with a 35M USD price tag, but Valkyrae skipped on the chance to live in the new hub.

This doesn’t mean the streamer is taking a step back from being a 100T member. Instead, she only wants to prioritize her personal “health and wellness” by finally moving into her own place.

She admits she had been struggling to balance her health and wellness to live in the same area where she works.

James Charles received pairs of custom Balenciaga sneakers and bags worth $10,000 which he showed off in a recent video!

In a video by artist ZHC, he gave Charles $10,000 worth of Balenciaga items as a gift – including multiple bags and pairs of sneakers. These items come with custom designs that are exclusive to the famous influencer himself.

The American internet personality, beauty Youtuber and make-up artist looks taken aback and visibly overwhelmed throughout the video, as he tried on every incredible piece and the work poured on their design.

After all, how often do you get a present with a $10,000 price tag on it?

Seems like Youtube Gaming is gearing up to keep up with Twitch!

Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt, the head of YouTube Gaming, hinted upcoming updates to the live streaming platform on Twitter. Some of these updates reflect features that are currently synonymous with Twitch: such as the addition of both viewership in-game rewards and the “clips” feature.

These could improve and boost YouTube’s appeal more, after having successfully signed big ex-Twitch names such as CouRage, Valkyrae, and LazarBeam.

During Electronic Arts’ Q3 FY20 earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson hinted that The Sims 5 may indeed be on the cards.

Wilson was asked about the possibility of launching an online version of The Sims given the hype towards the game. He hinted about how the next version of the franchise could indeed include both single-player and multiplayer components.

There’s also the idea of “a new generation across platforms”, sparking theories about what systems would TS5 land on.

But at this point, it can be confirmed how The Sims 5 is still in the conceptual, pre-production phase.

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