Mr Beast Hints New Project After Reaching “Insane” Youtube Milestone

After his successful #TeamTrees initiative last October to celebrate his 20 million subscriber milestone, seems like MrBeast is on to his next project!

It took Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson less than a month to raise $20 million: one tree will be planted with every dollar. Big icons like Tesla founder Elon Musk, Youtube superstar Pewdiepie, and gaming icon Ninja helped boost the cause.

Now, only after a few months, the Youtuber has hit another “insane” milestone at 30,000,000 subscribers.

What does he plan to do as a way to celebrate such a feat?

Donaldson expressed the desire to make yearly environmental projects. Days before hitting a new Youtube milestone, he has publicly stated how he wants to “change the world” before he dies.

On that end, he has teased the idea of a sea-based project similar to Team Trees.

“20 million subscribers = TeamTrees
30 million subscribers = TeamSeas? 😳🤪”

Although the tweet wasn’t a clear confirmation of whether the project will focus on helping the world’s oceans, it looks like MrBeast has his mind set on it.

The thing is — he doesn’t know how to do it yet, but the thought remains: he wants plastic out of the ocean.

The success of his #TeamTrees project is something worth celebrating! Many fans and viewers continued to support Donaldson along the way, even until now that he’s hit the 30 million mark.

The number of followers he now has remains to be “mind blowing”, even noting how his younger self could only dream of achieving such numbers.

“30,000,000 subscribers is insane. 13-year-old me used to dream of the life I’m living, and I swear on my life I’ll never take it for granted. Let’s change the world gamers.”

There hasn’t been any exact details of how the rumored “Team Seas” project will unfold yet, but internet personalities are already expressing their support to the cause.

In particular, Fortnite streaming star SypherPK immediately volunteered to get involved in the project:

“Let’s clean up the oceans and save the marine ecosystem. Get your scuba gear we’re getting rid of 30,000,000 pieces of waste from the ocean.”

It’s good news how the TeamSeas initiative seems to get a lot of attention and support right away! However, it may take a while for MrBeast to reveal his plans for the project, especially when it needs some time to plan and set up.

Fans are all looking forward to any announcement about the cause real soon though!

“Man how can you not like this guy, what a hero”
“MrBeast is the best example of a YouTuber doing good in the world. Everyone appreciates what you do for the world.”
“Dude there is No way you’re gonna be forgotten when you die”

It’s one great way for MrBeast to help unite gamers across the globe and give back to the community as well.

Will you support an alleged “Team Seas” initiative?

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