Stephanie, Alec Ludford’s Girlfriend has Passed Away

This week is met with great sadness with the passing of Stephanie, Streamer Alec Ludford’s beloved fiance who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

He took it to Twitter to inform their fans about the heartbreaking news:

“Everyone stephanie has passed, I can’t believe it right now I can’t believe this.”

Hours prior, Ludford was scrambling to book a flight to Washington. He was in Virginia when medical staff called him, hinting an urgency of the matter.

“Everyone im so scared right now, the medical center has called me and my fiance may be dying I’m still in Virginia trying to figure out the next flight back top Washington.”

Many streamers on Twitch broadcast their gameplays and IRL streams (Just Chatting, Travels, etc).

But for streamer Alec Ludford and his fiancée Stephanie, their recent streams have been around the treatment she is receiving as she battles with Leukemia.

Ever since she was diagnosed with the disease, Stephanie has been undergoing chemotherapy and has been in hospital since October 2.

She continued to fight the disease, thanks to the support of her husband Alec and the Twitch community.

Last month, fellow streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys donated $500 to help the couple deal with the cancer treatments.

Who are Alec and Stephanie?

Alec and Steph warmed the hearts of many when he proposed in their hospital room back in November, telling her how “proud he was of her” and that he “wants to spend his life with her”.

“I love you, and this is a sign of my commitment to you.”

The entire Twitch chat celebrated the proposal warmly, as Steph proudly wore Alec’s great-grandmother’s ring.

This heart-warming and romantic gesture melted the hearts of many.

Steph explained the severity of her condition way back in November of last year.

She noted how the Leukemia is “getting worse,” and the doctors are increasing her medication in an attempt to help her fight back against the terrible disease.

“Guys please keep me in your prayers. Got some bad news today, in the most simplest terms the Leukemia is getting worse and I have to do another bone marrow biopsy to determine if they should just increase the medication I am on or start more aggressive treatments…”

Fans were quick to send Alec their condolences and wished for him to be strong despite of what has happened:

“Such a terrible day already. Condolences to Alec, his family, and Stephanie’s. I can’t say I watched them a lot but they seemed to be honest and genuine people who deserved way better.”
“So incredibly sad. It was very inspiring to watch her on stream trying to be as positive as possible even in that shitty situation she was in. RIP stephanie.”
“Such terrible news, she was a fighter, she tackled her illness bravely. Any time I saw her she always had a smile on her face despite her situation. Such a shame for Alec and both their families. RIP.”

Stephanie’s warmth and optimism will continue to live in the hearts of their many fans and serve as an inspiration to keep on going, everyday, no matter the odds.

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