Is HAchubby Joining OfflineTV? Fans Continue to Speculate

Korean Twitch star HAchubby has been hanging out with the OfflineTV squad quite a lot, prompting fans to speculate if she could be the next addition to the group.

She recently appeared in Lilypichu’s stream where she tried out dog treats and ended up liking the flavor. HAchubby also went on a fun-filled trip to Universal Studios California with the rest of the OfflineTV gang LilyPichu, Fedmyster, Pokimane, and Michael Reeves, and even recently had a collaboration broadcast with Pokimane.

Who is HAchubby?

Considered as one of the breakout stars of Twitch for the past year, the streamer easily connected with viewers as she learned English with her chat through integrating meme culture.

The popular Twitch star is currently on a visit to the United States. Speculation grew wild after she posted a photo wearing the group’s merchandise on her Instagram account.

Could she be the next personality to join OfflineTV after Michael Reeves?

This is HAchubby’s second visit to the US, where she also met with fellow streamers AngelsKimi, MayaHiga, and TheSushiDragon.

However, doing collaborations with the OfflineTV crew isn’t enough proof that she’s actually going to join the group.

The chance is still there though, as HAchubby showed interest over moving to America in the past.

Fan speculation blew out of proportion when the streamer chose to wear the OfflineTV hoodie during their Universal Studios tour.

Is HAchubby hinting something to her fans? Or is she merely supporting her lovely set of friends?

As of writing, she has over 162K followers on Twitch where she’s famous for her fun IRL streams on the Just Chatting category.

Her name continues to make waves across online communities, due to her entertaining over-the-top reactions and the hilarious moments that pop up during her broadcasts. If anything, she has been branded as a “meme queen”.

Her addition to the OfflineTV squad isn’t hard to imagine. She’ll only fit right in with her bubbly and lovely personality!

Do you think HAchubby will move to the States at some point to join the OfflineTV squad?

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