AnneMunition Deals with Odd Copyright Strike for Using the Numbers “36” and “50”

Perhaps one of the most bizarre Youtube copyright claims ever in history, two of AnneMunition’s videos are being demonetized for using the numbers “36” and “50”.

AnneMunition is a popular Twitch streamer, with over 586k followers. She also posts vlogs and other videos on Youtube, where she has over 89k subscribers.

Youtube has set a system to demonetize and even take down videos that violate various copyrights from around the world. This is done to protect copyright holders on the popular video sharing platform.

The system, however, has been widely criticized across the globe. It is dubbed to be “anti-creator”, saying false claims are being submitted daily thus making the system prone to error.

But AnneMunition’s case, in particular, might be considered as one of the most bizarre Youtube copyright claims ever.

Two of her videos dating back to 2017 have been demonetized over the use of random numbers numbers “36” and “50”.

She took it to Twitter to explain the odd situation to her fans, with a screenshot of the copyright notice message from Youtube.

“did you guys know you can copyright the number 36”

The said video was her 2017 video gameplay of The Witcher 3.

Media company Fullscreen, who made the claim, came after AnneMunition over the use of her number “36” in the video.

It wasn’t because they had specific media that the video used without consent, or for the number to refer to a timestamp in the video, it’s only because apparently the number was not AnneMunition’s property.

What’s considered more bizarre is how Fullscreen doesn’t even hold the license for The Witcher 3 or any trademarks related to the number 36.

She also posted another screenshot proving that she is also being demonetized over another use of a random number (this time, 50) in another of her content.

While the claims are active, Fullscreen is allowed to take all monetization for the said videos involved.

Fans were quick to come to the streamer’s defense, saying how incompetent Youtube’s automated copyright system currently is:

“@TeamYouTube is at it again. Always finding ways to look stupid. (It’s probably the top management who makes them look stupid, because in an attempt to cut costs, they cut people and have the rest use faulty algorithms.)”
“This has been happening to me too!!! It’s so annoying!! 😫 Why are they doing this?! It’s taking too much time out of my free time to dispute! 😡😡😡”
“wtf @TeamYouTube you absolute clowns (or your damn system at least) 🤣”
“This is infuriatingly ridiculous abuse of the system”

At least everyone’s in agreement, using these numbers is within fair use.

Perhaps Youtube can respond to the copyright claims with a detailed explanation, considering the claims have no real justification behind them.

If anything, it only causes a stain on AnneMunition’s record on the platform.

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