YouTuber JayStation Allegedly Faked His Girlfriend’s Death?

Famous Youtuber JayStation is under fire for allegedly faking his girlfriend’s death.

With over 5 million subscribers on the video sharing platform, the streamer has left fans perplexed with a sudden video reporting the death Alexia, his girlfriend.

Is the Youtuber faking it all this time?

His January 22 upload was a 4-minute video entitled “My Girlfriend Alexia has died… *Rest in Paradise*.”

If that wasn’t shocking enough, especially to his avid fans who tune in regularly, he appeared in distress as he explained in the video:

“Last night, we lost Alexia to a drunk driver, guys. She was going to pick up something for our video on our second channel. She’s gone, guys. She’s gone.”

But shortly after the video announcing the bitter news was uploaded, another video titled “LIE DETECTOR TEST TURNS INTO REAL BREAKUP!! (CHALLENGE)” was posted to their second channel which featured an alive and well Alexia.

Although JayStation did explain that the couple had five videos lined up, fans were still confused to see the videos posted following the news of Alexia’s passing.

In another follow up video, JayStation made a visit to an apparent streetside vigil for his late girlfriend.

The memorial featured a cross, reminiscent photos of Alexia, a teddy bear, and flowers.

In the video, he noticed an out of place sign, which he explained in a bittersweet tone:

“She must have crashed into this sign.”

The streamer reveals he is planning to continue uploading content, but that “it won’t be the same without her.”

The odd circumstances surrounding the video led to speculations on how Alexia Marano’s apparent death is fake.

A fellow Youtuber, OrdinaryGamers, said he has checked with police departments in Toronto and Ottawa which is near where JayStation reportedly lives.

After checking, there are apparently no reports confirming Alexia’s death.

“Jaystation is lying about his dead girlfriend. I’ve spent the entire night browsing and checking with police dept in Toronto and Ottawa.

No police reports, no local news agencies and worst of all no family is confirming.”

Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR also called out JayStation and his apparent lies. He believes that the streamer did indeed faked his girlfriend’s death.

This is not the first time the Youtuber had been involved in controversies.

Fans were unconvinced when he revealed the news of how he’s apparently beaten up in his own home before.

In the past, he also used a oujia board to “contact” late Youtuber Etika – on the same day as his suicide. Many viewers called him “insensitive” and “disrespectful”.

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