Did Pokimane tease a possible Mixer move?

Pokimane might be one of the remaining Twitch streamers that Mixer could poach next.

The Twitch icon revealed she was in the middle of signing a contract and making an official announcement soon.

This has led her fans into a speculating frenzy as they guess if she could be moving to Mixer.

If the speculation proves to be right, Pokimane will join the likes of ex-Twitch superstars Ninja, Shroud, and Goth who made the move over to the Microsoft-owned rival platform.

On her October 30 stream, Imane “Pokimane” Anys teased that she was currently signing a contract and may have something to announce soon.

This was enough to fuel the speculation as to how she might be the first top female streamer to leave Twitch for Mixer.

While chatting with her audience, the streamer explained:

I’m not gonna lie I do have something to announce. I’m signing the contract most likely soon!

It was enough to send her chat into a speculation frenzy as many users spammed “Mixer”, guessing what she could be hinting at.

The streamer also clarified her announcement has nothing to do with Japan, which is another different announcement in the future.

She continued:

You guys can say Mixer as much as you want. You could literally spam that word a million times in my chat. It will not change what I’m gonna say!

Like whether it is, or whether it’s not. It won’t matter. Because what am I saying now? Nothing. I’m going to say it when I say it. I’m not saying sh*t now!

Pokimane ended addressing the speculation by confirming:

It’s true I do have something to announce. It’s soon though, it’s very very soon!

In terms of popularity on the platform, Pokimane might be a great streamer to bring in more viewers to the rival platform.

She’s branded as the top one female streamer on Twitch after pouring efforts to create the best content possible. Only few has come close to compete against the likes of Pokimane.

She is known to keep any drama to a bare minimum unlike other big-shot female streamers, and hasn’t relied on controversy to further build up her following.

The 23-year-old has what it takes to be a streaming sensation. She is currently closing in on 3.5 million followers on her Twitch channel.

Only time can tell what the announcement may actually be, leaving fans to speculate further about the matter. This could either mean the widely-speculated Mixer move, or something like “getting a new cat” — which the Twitch star did joke about.

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