Twitch superstar Tfue may be joining Shroud and Ninja on Mixer next

Fans around the world are wondering which big personality will join the likes of Shroud, Ninja, and Goth on Mixer.

A cryptic tweet by one Twitch superstar, Tfue, have sparked fan speculation that he could be next in line.

In line with the recent transfers of Twitch stars to rival platform Mixer, Tfue took it to Twitter to express his sentiments over the sudden migration:


Commonly known to the rest of the online community as Tfue, Turney Ellis Tenney, is among Twitch’s A-lister streamers. The 21-year-old currently has 7.1M followers on his channel.

This tweet of his, which is either a mere inquiry or a clever foreshadowing, have fans worked up over whether he’ll join the migration of his fellow ex-Twitch streamers.

Previously, Twitch superstars Shroud and Ninja were among those who moved to Mixer this year.

Shroud made headlines as he announced he was to leave Twitch for the rival platform Mixer last October 25. This decision follows the footsteps of Ninja, another former Twitch icon, who made the same deal three months earlier.

Much more recently — KingGothalion, known as Gothalion or “Goth” for short, is the latest major Twitch star to join the ranks of those jumping to the rival platform.

All eyes are focused among the remaining top streamers on Twitch.

Speculation ensued as to who could be the next one to make the move to the Microsoft-owned platform.

After Tfue’s seemingly harmless tweet, many fans were convinced it could be the Fortnite star who’s next to make a deal with Microsoft.

Fortnite pro and fellow streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop joined the speculation and replied “Tfue!”

Timthetatman, another streamer, also answered the inquiry by mentioning Tfue.

A Mixer representative even replied to Tfue’s tweet with a gif of the thinking face emoji, prompting fans to speculate this may mean something more than it seems.

This prompted more conspiracy theories and speculation about how Tfue might be in talks to join Twitch’s rival platform.

Fans seem eager over the idea of Tfue joining ex-Twitch stars Ninja and Shroud on the platform.

“bruh this is literally foreshadowing”
“U bought him didn’t u.”
“Take him I wanna switch to mixer”

To date, there hasn’t been any official announcement yet of Tfue to join the Microsoft-owned platform. Although of course, Mixer’s twitter account manager was not shy to tease the idea.

For fans out there who are wondering what’s next for Tfue, only time will tell!

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