Youtubers are banding together to plant 20M trees by 2020

A group of YouTubers desire to tackle climate crisis by raising $20 million to plant 20 million trees in the next year.

Known for his elaborate stunts which involves donating a massive amount of money, Youtube icon Mr. Beast is leading this campaign as a way to celebrate his 20 million subscriber milestone.

Back in May, his followers filled him with requests to plant 20 million trees as a form of celebration.

Climate change is real. We’re witnessing the devastating effects of global warming across the globe everyday — and what better way to combat the problem than by planting more trees, right?

20 million trees planted across the planet, to be precise.

In a recent video, the Youtube star and a few volunteers helped plant around 1,700 seedlings out of the 20 million.

Today, we will be planting 20 million trees!

It may seem like a small step, but it is a great step for everyone to do their part in preserving the environment.

He also partnered with Jeffree Star, Simone Giertz, The Try Guys, Mark Rober, AsapScience, Rhett & Link, Marshmello, and others to urge their subscribers to support the cause.

Using the hashtag #TeamTrees, various influencers took it to social media as they asked their audience to help better the planet.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk held the highest tree count at 1M pledging support— who also rightfully changed his account name to “Treelon” in line with the cause. Twitter’s CEO Jack dorsey also planted 150, 000 trees.

In an attempt to overthrow Musk’s ranking, Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lorax took a plus one to the highest count as he wished to support the nature-saving cause.


Makeup mogul and fellow Youtuber Jeffree Star also supported the initiative:


It’s heartwarming for thousands of fans across the globe to see their favorite content creators and influencers band together for a good cause.

MrBeast shared his sentiments over the domino effect of his subscriber count celebration in a tweet:


It is indeed crazy, and heartwarming to see leading influencers take their platform to support a good cause.

The movement is already at half its goal (10M+ trees) as of writing. While it might not seem like much, planting trees is actually a great and effective way to help the environment.

Be part of the worldwide initiative and get involved at 🌲

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