DanTDM Successful in Completing Minecraft Hardcore Mode

DanTDM was successful in completing his Minecraft game on hardcore mode, the perfect definition of #GamerGoals!

The iconic sandbox game has been around for 10 years and counting now. Players continuously enjoy endless possibilities as they create their own worlds in-game.

Though quite old, it enjoyed a resurgence on Youtube thanks to content creators who provide enjoyable gameplays such as Pewdiepie.

Youtuber Daniel “DanTDM” Middleton is also known to play the titular game, garnering over 22 million subscribers.

His channel remains as a favorite go-to by many when it comes to Minecraft content.

Unlike other games that can have a completed storyline, Minecraft does not have a traditional story mode.

Regardless, DanTDM gave it his best shot at accomplishing as much as possible in his recent upload.

In an ambitious goal, he has set out to complete all feats in-game while playing on Hardcore mode.

This means he cannot afford to die in the attempt, or the world he built would be gone forever.

The Youtuber admitted that the challenge he had set out for himself was truly difficult. In fact, the video capturing his attempt took the longest to create in all of his uploads so far.

“This video by far has taken me the longest to create than any of my other videos on my channel… but everything was almost set in place to complete Minecraft hardcore 100% without dying.”

With only three final achievements to complete (A Furious Cocktail, A Balanced Diet, and how did we get here), DanTDM fixed his eyes on the prize.

Accomplishing his to-do list involved tasks like eating every single food item in the game, which actually took him even longer than expected — since he had to acquire everything he needed beforehand.

His efforts weren’t exactly in vain, though. He actually managed to accomplish his goal and expressed his relief over the tasks being done:

“We did it, oh my goodness, I thought I done it wrong.”

Congratulations to DanTDM for completing all achievements in-game on a despicably hardcore run.

Will the Youtube star find new ways to enjoy the game? Fans may have to wait for future updates!

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