Closer Look: Tfue’s New $3500 Custom Fortnite Gaming Keyboard

TaehaTypes recently peeked a closer look on Tfue’s $3500 custom keyboard which is pretty perfect for Fortnite gamers!

For players who are playing competitive games, it is imperative to have a suitable set-up where you can play at your peak level.

There are lots of expensive gaming gears on the internet that may look aesthetic, but does not necessarily always help.

But if you’re a big star like Tfue, whose in-game skills and swag remains unmatched – it’s a good idea to splurge on gaming equipment that can set him apart from other pro players.

These gears do not exactly give him an advantage on the competition, but Tfue doesn’t need that! He has the skills himself.

Who knows, this new keyboard may lead him back on top again on Fortnite!

Tfue decided to commission TaehaTypes to design a new keyboard made just for him.

The small keyboard, which a lot of Fortnite players use instead of normal-sized ones, boasts of a completely vibrant color finish.

To maintain its aesthetic quality, the color of the keyboard was matched with the keycaps used.

It also has a custom finish: with some Japanese lettering underneath the usual English ones.

The $3500 keyboard has Tfue’s tag in the top-right hand corner, making it something exclusively made only for the Fortnite star.

How does a customized keyboard cost a whopping $3500 exactly? It all boils down to the custom parts used, sending the product off to coloring, and other manufacturing costs.

Fans were quick to rave about the extravagant keyboard:

“man thats a sick keyboard. hopefully tfue uses it for more than a week lol. dudes got a new keyboard every other day.”
“Watched the stream and was thinking to my self why does that cost more than my entire setup?”
“Sounds amazing, Razer was like nails on a chalkboard lol”
“So glad the custom mech area is getting some more love and attention!”

Watch the full making of Tfue’s $3500 custom luxury mechanical keyboard here!

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