How Does Lele Pons Deal with Haters on Youtube?

So how does Lele Pons deal with her haters on a regular basis?

The Youtuber, much like any other content creator, is prone to backlash and hate comments in every new upload.

But in her January 31 video, Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese bravely addressed her haters and the negativity surrounding her comedic sketches.

She appeared with Jeff Wittek on the video, where the pair collaborated for the most recent upload of Wittek’s YouTube series – Barber Shop.

Lele made a name for herself on Vine, achieving global fame before the site’s closure in 2016.

Afterwards, the Venezuelan-born internet star moved into Youtube where she uploads comedy sketches and other entertaining content for her 15 million subscribers to enjoy.

A true social media power house, Lele also has an incredible following of 38.8 million on Instagram. But, it’s true how with great social media following comes never-ending struggles and negative comments.

It’s no secret how a number of her YouTube videos are hit with thousands of dislikes. The star has also been involved in a series of controversies over the years.

She recently joined professional barber Jeff Wittek for an episode of “Barber Shop”, where he cuts celebrities’ hair as he interviews them regarding relevant and timely issues.

One topic in particular stood out, regarding the the hate Lele Pons often gets from the online community. Wittek asks her bluntly:

“There’s a lot of people on the internet that make videos picking apart your content… How do you deal with the hate?”

Lele replied accordingly:

“Therapy. Yeah I get a lot of hate… For the kids that are getting hate, I like to be an example [for them].”

“If they’re like “wow, she gets so much hate but look how good she’s doing”… so, the more hate, the more I inspire other kids who are getting hate to be stronger.”

The star also admitted that she does not watch the mocking videos made about her, because they would only affect her mood and well-being. As a result, her content would also be compromised.

The said video has garnered over 1.5 million views as of writing. The comment section is also flooded with some negative comments about the star, which doesn’t come off as a surprise.

“she’s the most annoying person on this planet i couldn’t even finish the video”
“Okay I don’t want to be rude but this girl is horribly annoying lol”
“I know she gets a lot of hate but some people at some point were giving actual constructive criticism that maybe she should listen”

Regardless of the hate and demeaning comments, Pons is keen on maintaining a strong image.

Negativity got no room for the social media star in 2020!

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