Twitch introduces new features to clip manager to deal with DMCA issues

Twitch recently confirmed the addition of new features to its clip manager feature in hopes to better deal with DMCA issues.

In case you missed it, a number of streamers on the platform were plagued by DMCA-related bans and penalties over clips that were from years ago.

New features

Twitch will roll out a couple of new features to its Clips Manager tool after a number of its content creators struggled with DMCA-related copyright issues from last month.

“We’ve rolled out two updates to the Clips Manager. You can now:

1) Individually download Clips of your channel, like your most viewed

2) Delete all of your Clips with one click

In the coming months we’ll continue to add features which help improve control of your Clips.”

Back in June, the platform merely suggested the involved streamers delete any clips or broadcasts that could trigger a DMCA-related notice.

Twitch’s clip management system at that time meant each streamer had to delete clips one by one— which can be time-consuming and tiring.

Creators also had no easy way to save the clips on their personal drives if they wanted to.

Fortunately, Twitch was able to issue a solution to many streamers’ growing frustration.

Content creators on the platform can now individually download clips.

There’s also a new “delete all” option to simplify the deleting process, allowing users to clear out their channels of any DMCA-violating clips.

Not a permanent solution

The new features are not Twitch’s permanent solution to the prevalent DMCA issues. In fact, there will be more features coming soon to the platform.

One possible addition is an option that doesn’t delete every clip, but only deletes only clips that have audio in them (that could possibly be DMCA-flagged).

Jeremy Forrester, Twitch’s head of creator products, confirmed they’re working on the idea after asked about it on Twitter:

“We’re working on that, stay tuned”

Hopefully, Twitch’s new features will help creators solve future problems when it comes to copyrighted audio/video material.

Permanent ban threats

More Twitch streamers are alarmingly raising awareness over permanent ban threats over copyrighted music.

Streamers such as Macaiyla and JakenbakeLive were not only given strikes, but also a 24-hour suspension.

Using a wrong piece of audio or video can land one’s channel a copyright strike. This can result to having your videos demonetized and your channel may also be taken down (in a worst case scenario).

Back in June, the company acknowledged the need for the DMCA-related notices that plagued many creators to value the hard work of music artists.

“We value the work of songwriters, musicians, and other creative artists. As a company committed to supporting creators, we respect, and ask our users to respect, the intellectual property of those who make music and those who own or control music rights.”

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