Riot to Give Exclusive Player Cards for Valorant

Good news, Valorant fans!

Riot Games is extending its appreciation to fans who supported Valorant streams on Twitch by giving out an exclusive player card as a reward.

In for a treat

The company wants to thank the community for their continued support and interest in Valorant’s closed beta.

And what better way than to give Twitch viewers an exclusive Valorant player card, which is more than a badge of honor for every fan?

Riot confirmed the announcement in a tweet:

“As thanks for all your interest in the VALORANT closed beta and hanging out with the @Twitch community, we have a small gift: an exclusive player card for anyone who’s watched enough streams to be eligible for CB. Even if you don’t get in, this’ll be in your account at launch.”

Exclusive player card

So, what does the reward look like?

The exclusive player card will feature a saluting Brimstone, complete with the typical gray and black hues- the game’s signature colors.

Twitch and Valorant’s logos are also found in the card to signify the growing partnership between both parties.

Who can get the rewards?

Valorant fans who have watched “enough” streams on Twitch will be eligible for the reward. They will still receive the exclusive card even if they don’t have the game’s beta access.

It remains unclear if Riot decides to give the player cards during the beta period or save it for the game’s launch.

However, fans are convinced that the treat may arrive on your account later during the official launch scheduled this summer.

Considerably a nice little compensation for aspiring players who want to give the early version of the game a go, some expressed their appreciation for the gesture:

“So happy to get valorant exclusive player card. Now it’s time to get the Key”

While others are disappointed they have to make do with the player card instead of an exclusive key:

“Imagine simping for valorant all beta and the only thing you got for it was a player card, I’d be pissed.”

The free item, undoubtedly, is still received as a gesture of good faith.

Since the beta opened a month ago, others have had a difficult time getting access to the game.

Valorant continues to be promising and the famed 5v5 tactical FPS title has never been short of hype in many online communities. In fact, it has shattered viewership records on Twitch.

The game is to thank for when the platform recently broke its concurrent user record not just once, but twice, in only a short span of time.

Riot Games also recently added new regions to expand Valorant’s closed beta, including South Korea, Brazil, and Latin America.

With its expanded server capacity, the game is soon to reach more countries and global regions as more players await to try the game for themselves.

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