DrDisrespect Roasts Influencers for Making “Pathetic” TikTok Videos

On his recent February 13 broadcast, Dr Disrespect didn’t shy away from roasting fellow influencers for jumping on the TikTok bandwagon.

He has also further delved on why so many internet personalities are flocking on the hype of the platform.

Considered as one of Twitch’s remaining top streamers, DrDisrespect has built a massive following that regularly tunes in to his broadcasts.

What makes his content stand out from the rest is his trademark 80s persona, along with a high-quality production set.

But in particular, the Two-Time champion made himself clear how he’s not a fan of the global TikTok trend, even calling it “sh*t” content in a heated rant.

He later formulates a theory as to why this is happening, noting how it may backfire on certain brands.

The streamer began his broadcast by taking shots at TikTok, a viral video hosting site. The platform has over 500 million active users worldwide.

The doc didn’t shy away from being vocal about his opinion on the platform:

“…get Tik-Tok the f**k off my Twitter feed!”

Shortly after, he continued his rant directed towards the trending platform.

“Holy sh*t, I think TikTok is going to be the end of some brands, man, I’m telling you right now. Actually, you know what? Please do more TikTok. Please do more. It’s great to really show some of the creative talent that lives out there, man”

This isn’t the first time for the Two-Time to call out the stars on the platform. He has complained in the past about seeing a flood of TikTok videos on his feed.

“I have a simple request…Get Tik Tok off my twitter feed.”

Later in his broadcast, he shared his theory as to why many influencers are jumping on the bandwagon:

“It’s easy viewership. It has nothing to do with quality of content. F*ck, it’s terrible content, let’s just be real. It’s so, ugh, it makes me grind my teeth!”

Elaborating further, the Doc didn’t hold back from explains why he doesn’t like TikTok with a passion (and those who use the platform for clout):

“I’m not a supporter of putting out sh*t content just because. There is agencies out there, that really encourage their influences to do these type of things. They don’t recognize how some of these things can actually impact brands in a negative way.”

“Particularly influencers and their brands. I feel like they pressure them just a little bit. And it’s just f*cking pathetic!”

There has been an evident and sudden influx of gamers/streaming personalities making TikTok videos and sharing them to their thousands of fans.

To name a few, CouRageJD and Ninja have been posting TikTok content across social media.

Do you share the Doc’s same dislike for TikTok as a mainstream platform for internet personalities? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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