SAKURASenpai Clears Youtube Subtitle Mistake, Claiming She Used the N-word

Japanese Twitch star SAKURA Senpai was clearly disappointed with YouTube’s auto-subtitle mistake, which suggests she used a slur in one of her recent uploads.

On her February 16 video “How to talk to girls according to Japanese English textbook,” the subtitles read she used a slang slur.

Wasting no time for the issue to be blown out of proportion, Sakura was quick to mention the mistake on her recent stream.

The video was indeed full of auto-translation errors, where Youtube didn’t even get her name right.

She explains:

“YouTube subtitles say ‘Asian n-word’ or something. I didn’t say that at all!”

“Seriously. I didn’t say the n-word at all.”

Despite the fact that it wasn’t her fault, the streamer continued to issue a polite apology.

“I just really want to apologize… I’m so sorry, but I didn’t say that. Youtube just misunderstood.”

The streamer further admits that she didn’t know how to solve the problem at the time. Regardless, she provided additional evidence that Youtube’s auto-subtitles were clearly in the wrong.

The Japanese star loaded up the video, which already showed a subtitle error only after a mere seconds.

Youtube’s system hilariously mistook “SAKURA Senpai Live Japanese streamer” for “Agnes my life Japanese sister Eva.”

Addressing her chat, she asked:

“What’s Agnes?!” “What does it mean?”

The errors only continued in the video. At some point, the subtitles mistook “in Japan” for “in the farm” as she was talking about Valentine’s Day. It was quite out of context, but nonetheless amusing!

The errors continued a bit later on in the video too; the video mistook her saying “in Japan” for “in the farm” when she was talking about Valentine’s Day.

“In the farm?!” Sakura laughed, clearly entertained despite being frustrated by the wrong auto subtitles.

Nonetheless, the video is still a good way for her to promote her content. She even suggested for her audience to watch the video normally first before adding the auto subtitles for a good laugh.

Mistakes on Youtube’s auto translate feature happen everyday. But in this case, it seems like the program just had a hard time articulating Sakura’s accent.

Before things go way out of hand and for angry fans to go after Sakura’s alleged racist remarks, it’s inspiring how she approached the matter with a calm mind.

Setting the mistakes aside, fans seemed to enjoy her latest Youtube video:

“I really needed a good laugh, so thank you for this! Great work, as always :)”
“This video turned out amazing. Good Job Sakura chan keep the good work on making YouTube videos Sakura Senpai.”
“I watched on the train and was trying not to laugh, this was a funny video!”

Indeed, Sakura Senpai seems to promote good vibes only!

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