PUBG Corp. Reveals Changes to the 2020 PUBG Esports Season

PUBG Corp has unveiled changes to its esports plans for the year, including the 2020 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Esports Season.

The company announced in an official blog post that certain changes needed to be made in order to cope up with recent events— in particular, the coronavirus outbreak.

PGS Cancelled

Unfortunately, the regular PUBG Global Series (PGS) is cancelled for this season. PUBG fans across the world need not to worry, though. The PUBG Continental Series (PCS) will be taking its place instead.

The PCS is a multi-regional online competition to be held in May, June, and August.

Total prize pool fund is marked at $2.4 million for four regions: including Europe, Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Chinese Taipei), Asia-Pacific (Southeast Asia and Oceania), and North America.

PCS Charity Showdown in May

The first tournament will be the Continental Series Charity Showdown set in May.

For each region, the prize money will be at $100k and an additional $100k donation to a charity of the champion’s choice.

PUBG Corp decided to organize regional charity invitational events to boost morale in the gaming industry and contribute in helping challenges brought by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The total combined winning prize for these regional tournaments is at $800,000, with each tournament having a $200,000 prize pot and donation fund.

Prize breakdown:

  • $100,000 will go to participating teams based on their performance in the tournament
  • The remaining $100,000 fund will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice, listed under the names of all teams participating in the regional tournament

Asia, APAC, NA, and EU PC Tournament in June and August

Four PC regional tournaments in Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe will be played in June and August.

This will be a great opportunity for competitive teams to battle it out and prove once and for all that they are the best in their respective regions.

As was previously mentioned, the total prize pool for PCS tournaments is at $800,000, so $200,000 will be alloted to every regional tournament.

Pick’em Challenge

Pick’em Challenge will be making a comeback to add to the hype of PCS.

It’s aimed to give more diverse rewards and entertainment to active fans. Additional benefits will also be rewarded to participating teams.

In the official blog post, PUBG Corp states:

“This year, we have been working to enhance our esports programs by providing sustainability for teams, strengthening the fandom, growing the ecosystem with our partners, and improving the competition structure and profit-sharing model. Though we cannot host the PGS events as initially planned, we would like to emphasize that our commitment towards our goals is unwavering. We’re excited to share more about our upcoming events, in addition to future plans, at a later date. Until then, thank you and we appreciate your support for PUBG esports.”

Fans can expect updates and more details about the PUBG official continental series soon.

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